An early Louisiana Haynesville well... how, exactly, does one find the total drilling and completion costs of a well? I guess this is reported for severance tax issues; when does the operator make these costs known and how do you find it? I have googled and also searched a lot on SONRIS and have not figured it out. I found this GHS post somehow, from 2010, but I can't make it work...


To find on Sonris, do the following:
Start by going to Sonris Main.......NOT Sonris Lite! In the top left hand corner, under "Database Access", left click on "CONSERVATION". Then under "WELL INFORMATION", left click on " Severance Tax Relief Information". At this point you may have to download an Oracle application which is free, but necessary. After it is downloaded, you will be on the Severance tax exemption page and your cursor will be flashing on "Serial Number". In order to type in the Serial number, you must depress the "F7" button on the top of your keyboard and then type in the serial number. To show you what it looks like, type in the serial number 239895 which is a well that has been approved. After typing in the serial number, depress the "F8" key at the top of the keyboard and the information about well # 239895 will appear.
Remember it is F7, serial number, then F8! This will tell you if the well has been Approved (A) or Denied (D), and also the well cost!


I thought I was getting somewhere (wrong) on SONRIS (not Lite) and I see three column headings under Severance Tax Relief Report -- Standard, Lite, ROD. None of them work for me. I think ROD might be some kind of Oracle gizmo but I don't know what to do to make it work. It didn't ask me to install a plugin or whatever.

I have seen reference to a DNR "Well Cost Report" or some such form and I assume that this is what I am looking for. When I click on the "Lite" column described above, that takes me to a page that lists over 20,000 wells and I see the well serial number I am looking for, and I see that it was approved for severance tax relief years ago but there is no link I see to access the report that shows well cost.

Anyone know how to view the reported costs?

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What is the serial number of your well, Hale Yayuh?

Okay, somebody give me their well Serial Number and I will use it as an example of how to access well cost reports.

Okay, Serial Number 243562.  Go to the SONRIS Dashboard, save this link:

Choose "Document Access" and then under Search By, choose "Document Type".

Scroll down to the third from the bottom search option, "Well Permit To Drill/Amend".

Enter the Serial Number, 243562, and check the box for "Get Associated Documents".

In the well file list of documents look for "Horizontal Well".

Here is the Well Cost form.


Thanks, I had figured out how to get the info.

You're welcome.  You left us hanging for a while there.  :-)


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