This is interesting... but Texas and Louisiana are not currently available.  Maybe soon?

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JHH, you do realize you are posting a link to a company in direct competition with Keith? 

No.  I thought it was a government site.  EIA

But I check gohaynesvilleshale often... and contribute from time to time.

The data service beta version appears to offer the same data that Keith sells.  Whether this is a for-profit company or a governmental entity doesn't matter if it is competitive to what Keith does.  It under cuts his business model.  Thanks for being a regular contributor but donations are relatively insignificant to Keith's bottom line.  I sent him an email to bring this to his attention so I suspect he will weigh in with a comment eventually.

What does Keith sell?  I was not aware of a data service. Just the regular page.   send a link.  does it include Texas?  thanks, jh

Thanks Skip, but we don't actually sell data. ShaleCast is a free service that provides well forecasting in the states of LA, TX, PA, OH and WV. We do provide overall production for wells visualized in charts. JHH, check out ShaleCast at your leisure. We are planning an exciting expansion of ShaleCast so stay tuned!  

Here are some screenshots of a what ShaleCast displays.


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