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Gotta love that trend!!!!! It can only help things

But people will complain about the results of this when the go and fill up!

I think that $70.11 is a futures price.  The spot price for WTI Friday was $68.45.  Regardless keep in mind that settlement prices are discounted from a base price so that what is actually paid is something less than the base price.  90% of NYMEX is often in the ballpark for contract sales.

11,000,000# divided by a perforated lateral length of 4275' = ~2,573# of sand pumped per linear foot.

Very comparable to Texas completions

The Blackbrush application for 9 AC drilling & production units will be heard June 5.  The first COP AC unit application is heard the week before, 5/30.  I expect we will see multiple well permits later this month or early in June.  It will be of interest to see if there develops some sharing of science between the LA AC operators. 

Cooperation between companies normally doesn't happen (even if they are working interest partners). But I do look for an independent group like Core Lab putting together a consortium where they get whole core from various operators in return for them being able to access and use the data from the other wells in the Consortium.

A good example of this is Core Lab's Midland Basin consortium where there are over 80 wells with core results and test results details available for all the members of this group.

I am biased, but the "answer" here as to where are the best areas for the AC Hz Frac play as well as how to achieve the best EUR's and economics is "in the rocks". And how drilling and completion engineers utilize that info to optimize lateral location and subsequent stimulations.

And in another comparison, the Louisiana AC Hz Frac play is about halfway through the Book of Genesis as to its evolution (IMO)

This was recently posted by a major investment banker group

Some interesting info as to upside projections - even more interesting that this play is hitting the radar across industry sites.



Very interesting Rock

Yes - just need to keep in mind that this is a "what if" set of comments on economics and success based on ties to Tx AC Hz frac success.

Let's say very optimistic viewpoint - but a possible one!

And most are based on $50 oil. 

For some reason I could not reply to the item I wanted to / think it is my computer.

Re: Comments about $50 oil price

It is true that the economic scenarios presented in the items I posted tonight are using a low oil price number, but as Skip and others have noted in the past, the "realized" price for any oil produced will not be the same as WTI or any other oil price metric.

Marketing arrangements and contracts will negatively impact the price this paid for oil - as well as the price that royalty payments are based on.

This is an extreme example, but several years ago, there was a $10 to $15 per BO deduction on produced oil in parts of the Permian Basin.

With AUS leasing activity in EBR, West and East Feliciana any St. Helena Parish AUS leasing activity ? 


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