We have some small interest in 2 EOG wells in San Augustine Co.   We have received an offer to purchase our royalty interests from Montego Minerals in Midland, TX.  The offer seems to be for the sum total of what we have received in royalty payments up to this point.  Has anyone else heard of this company.

We understand that there is only one well per unit on these two locations and there is potential for 2 more wells per unit.  But we don't know what EOG's plans are for the future.

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Thanks for sharing, Bill R. Give us an update when you can.

Per our Legal Eagle... it is merely a phishing campaign blanket mailing, so more out people out there might have gotten it as well.

Nothing to worry about so long as you do not respond with any of the information they are requesting for you to provide to them. 

Represented client is headquartered in China with interest in purchase of Mineral rights.

The Phishing scam is to see which Mineral Owners respond to their mass blanket mailings... doing so provides them with validation that you are indeed the owner... where it would go from there, our Lawyer has no idea, however he did place some type of Desist and Refrain order(?) on them on our behalf.


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