I have ORRI in the S. E. Johnson 20-1 well and it is in DeSoto Parish.  It’s a very small percentage and I have someone interested in buying those rights.  They have over the last couple of months they have increased the offer significantly.  I am new to all this and inherited these rights several years ago.  It seems to me that if they sre willing to pay so much money for them I would be better off keeping these rights. Can anyone offer any insight?

thank you!

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Lisa, you have provided insufficient information.  In LA units are generally formed on governmental sections.  So a location description by section-township-range helps tie down the exact location in DeSoto.  It would look something like this:  Section 12, Township 12 North, Range 14 West.  That should be on a copy of a lease or conveyance document that you may have.  If you don't, it would help to know the company that operates the well.  There is no such thing as Cotton Valley Shale.  The Cotton Valley Group are all sands. 



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