On this well are they going back in the 220535 or is it a new drill just at same location?

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Above and to the right of your discussion title may be a button, "Options".  If so, when you click on it you will see the button to "edit".  Just cut and paste a link to the well as part of your discussion.  Then "Save".  That way it appears and is available on each page of the discussion.

Hopefully all is good and they just need a management direction or approval.   They are moving along quick.

New entry sonris: 252119  Crowell. 2/18  drilling intermediate section @ 11,517’

Thanks for posting.   Looking good.   They sure are moving alone fast as it seems to me.

Crowell LM 3H #1 was drilling ahead @ 13,131' on 2/21.

Thx for posting Skip. Seems like the Ensign 777 is the rig for the job in that area.  

i Agree with Hydrocarbonite. Looks like ensign 777 is the rig of choice!! 

Glad all is working out for Marathon/Southwind & Prime Rock.   Sounds like it is definitely the Rig for the job.   Wonder where the next drill will be.   Seems as if they are choosing close to prior drills.

Any updates today Skip that you could share on Southwind SN 252119?  Thx in advance HC. 

I just have one question.   How did they get that Ensign Rig 777 down that narrow dead end road to site location....Amazing work.

Ensign 777 reported Drilling Ahead @ 14,483' on 2/28.

15324’ was listed as the true vertical depth on this well  Looks like that are getting close. The spud the well 02/05. Looks like it is going fairly quickly. 


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