New well permitted today in rapides parish

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Skip, thanks for posting and keeping everyone updated.  I actually looked on sonris at this well and didn't see an update.  You apparently can navigate the sonris site much better than "the average bear".

You're welcome, david.  The rig report is not from SONRIS.  The well will be drilled and probably completed before you'll see it reported as spud on SONRIS.  The only way to track drilling as it happens is through a subscription to a weekly rig report.  I use RigData.

okay, so, we appreciate your sharing even more. 

Didn't want you to spend time searching SONRIS for information that isn't there.  :-)

LOL!  Only on GHS would you find drilling up dates by a member drilling the well.  Thanks, Jay.

D&D Drilling Rig 11 reported 10 days Drilling Ahead @ 7833', 8/1.

Great to hear this.That will be a tough well to drill vertical. The horizontal will be interesting also.

Good Luck

Not good!  Dang it!!!

From my information I thought the TMS was much deeper? I drilled a well to 14000' off hwy 28 in the eighties near hot wells. We found hydrocarbons. Ended up plugging well. Exxon drilled at Holloway and the went to 12000'. Both these wells were before horozontial drilling.
Also, an Operator drilled a well on La Delta Planation. My son was driller on that location. They had heck. As the TMS moves to the North at least in central LA the problems increase. Hope to get to drill one of these someday.


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