Why is it that some wells, according to SONRIS, have a perforation that is done just prior to the frac job? It seems to always be short in length and done just at the end of the lateral. Some examples are #239794 and #240183, both in the Martin Field in RR Parish. I understood it that the perforations were always done at the same time as the frac job.

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All perforations have to be done prior to the frac job. Otherwise there is no way to frac the formation.
I understand the process. I'm referring to the small perf at the end of the lateral that, according to SONRIS on the two wells that I mentioned, was done prior to the frac by several weeks. On #240183, the rig is gone and the frac hasn't happened yet, but a short (350') perf has been done. That's what I'm referring to.
Highwayman, just a guess but I think they fraced that last bit and potentialed it to gather info for the main frac. Keep in mind, the frac job is the "make or break" stage of a well. After sinking that much $$$ into drilling, I'd want all the info I could get before the frac. Also, fracing is done in sections (stages). The number of stages is critical for the well to produce to it's potential. Just a novice guess. Take it for what it's worth.
That would be my guess too. Thanks.
It would be to pump the guns/plugs down after moving out coil tubing. You can pump down the well and pump tools with the fluid. If you don't perf the fluid has no where to go, and the tools won't go down the lateral.
Thanks Commish! I understand now. I've just never noticed that operation in the Sonris reports I've seen. Makes sense though; no vent, no movement.


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