Looks like there has been a new Permit issued for Crowell well SW of Glenmora.   Was SN# 251311 & now it is SN# 251809.

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See Lisa melder-Johnson’s update from yesterday. They are the same well. She just used the serial number 

The new serial number for this well is 251809.  The original SN was 251311.  Thet moved over about 30 ft on the same pad.  Went with a bigger rig on 2nd drill.

NEW UPDATE today but not much "9/17/2019, OOH FOR NEW BHA, TD 15,718'

Hmm, definitely not the progress (as to drilled depth) I would have expected even with the depth and the fact that they are drilling the curve to set up the lateral. Could be problems with pressure or mechanics or no problems at all.

If this is the bit trip to go into hole with horizontal drilling assembly, expect to see some hole being made in the coming week.

Side point - Using a $50,000 per day number, one can get an idea of what operator is spending on a well like this. Even when no new hole is being drilled.

Thanks for posting the update

Report on Crowell today puts drilling at 22,049’ into lateral.  23,500 is supposed to be measured depth per Sonris.  

Seems they drilled that quick in a weeks time?

Was the report date today's date?  The drilling contractor reported 15,830' on Friday, 9/20.

6331' in ~7 days.  ROP ~900'/D.  Good progress.  It's not unusual for the weekly rig report and SONRIS to have unexplained variations.  Keep in mind that the drilling contract makes the weekly report and the well operator reports to the state.

Looks like a little progress!!  I noticed there are a couple of  new inspection reports. Thanks for posting Hydrocarbonite 

Thanks for post.   Saw that earlier just did not have time to post yet.   Fast progress!   Now fingers crossed for good results for the benefit of all.

Thanks for posting this update. Not surprised to see good progress once they get into the lateral / horizontal section. Up to 1500' per day is reasonable assuming that they don't have to do trip for a new bit.

Big next step assuming well gets to TD is getting casing to TD and getting a good cement job.

One step at a time!

Fingers crossed & a little time.


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