A search here came up empty so after receiving an email from Enverus/EnergyLink for their MineralIQ offering I was looking for some some feedback on it. Helpful, perhaps smoke & mirrors etc., any mineral owners here use it or what do our industry pros think about it?

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For my purposes, the only benefit was the rig report.  And that was too expensive at $1500 a year.  Unlike those in the industry that depend on Enverus, I can access the raw data I need through no cost databases (SONRIS, TRRC and Frac Focus) and low cost public record remote access accounts by parish or county.  I know a number of industry users of Enverus and they have questions about cost versus value.  It depends on what someone needs and I don't need Enverus.  I'm still getting emails and invoices for all the months since my subscription expired and I decline to renew it.  Billing/accounts receivable are a mess.

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