I have two different landmen (started in 2010 and 2011) really pushing to lease my family's minerals in South Miller County--West Kelly Bayou Field,  S5 T20S R27 W. Unfortunately, their terms are not nearly as exciting as they seem to be to get this under lease. One landman tells me that he has 60% leasehold and that if we don't lease he will force integrate us--this one only wants the 8-10,000 depth and there is no negotiation--take it or leave it. I told him I'd take the latter but he keeps "popping" up. The other landman wants all depths and he also claims to have a strong leasehold in the vicinity but wants me to counter. Question:  I follow this site fairly close but I do not recall anyone else talking about the area I am referencing.  Did activity in this area slip by me; or, are these guys perhaps embellishing their leasehold a little? I believe Arkansas is a race state so with the activity in this part of the state it seems that there would be some record of leases being filed. Anyone aware of anything happening in this area? Just been contacted by both landmen again. Thanks.

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I have referred to this as West Kelley Bayou Field...not sure where I came up with West.  I believe it is just Kelly Bayou Field. 


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