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Goodrich Petroleum has most recently acquired 277,000 acres north of Baton Rouge for future drilling in the TMS. From what I understand, the TMS runs from East Texas, through Vernon Parish, Rapides and on to the Feliciana into Mississippi. Do you think there would any interest in Vernon Parish regarding drilling in the TMS or the Eagle Ford shale?

There  was some talk about EOG drilling a TMS well on Indigo property about  a mile North of the intersection of Hwy 8 & Hwy 28 East of Leesville.

They formed a TMS unit at Fort Polk, if that's different from the location you're referring to.

Thats the one.

Sonris 10-23-13 Yuma posted the IP on their AUS C RA SUB Crosby 1000 BOPB and 2000 MCFD in Section 12-T2S-R7W. Way to go Yuma. 

Glad to hear someone else is doing well in the Austin Chalk. Could be a big potential there that is not being explored to its fullest.

Yuma updated the IP for the AUS C RA SUB Crosby to 430 BOPD and 1736 MCFD.


It looks like it has a pretty good gas drive. Has the well stabilized at that production rate? 

Joe within a few days of the original IP Yuma said that they had made a mistake in the first IP and removed the figures of production. This IP, I guess would be the one to base the original IP on. 

The best producing AC well thru 1/2014 and its dual lateral design.


I see Swift Energy applied for a permit in Vernon Parish on Jan. 23.  Drilling depth 20,821 and number 248863

Thanks David,

I have not been following AC that much lately. Sounds like there is still some interest in the trend. Hope they get a GREAT well.



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