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ConocoPhillips permitted two Austin chalk wells dated the 8th. One in st Helena and one in west feliciana

1 SAINT HELENA 01 251550 AUS C RA SUA;SOTERRA 001 08-FEB-19 C298 005-04S-05E 1340 BEAVER DAM CREEK, NORTHEAST 21000
2 WEST FELICIANA 01 251551 AUS C RA SUA;ERWIN 001 08-FEB-19 C298 047-01S-01W 6918 MOUNT COMMON CHURCH, SOUTHWEST 21000

Kirk Barrell (Amelia Resources) is rolling out 400,000 net acres at this week's NAPE meeting in Houston for the "stacked pay" are of TMS and AC Hz Frac play. PDF of this announcement is attached.

Australis has had some good initial results in their TMS drilling in SW Mississippi with IP30 production rates about 30% higher than their type curve projections.

I figure that this acreage being offered is a mix of options, "free" leases and other arrangements.


I only see COP actively exploring excluding Australis. 

A company named Blue Steel has recently applied for three AC units in the Livingston Field, all located south of I-12 along the Frost highway.

This is starting to get very interesting!

Craig, Let's see what the Fontaine well does in Morganza.



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