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12/27/2012 31 19162 13640 12/10/12, STATUS 31 INACTIVE DRY HOLE FUT. UTIL. STATUS DATE: 12/10/12.
12/26/2012 06 19162

12/24/12, SET 5 1/2" CASING AT 19161' WITH 1630 SACKS OF CEMENT. STATUS DATE: 12/24/12

what does this mean?  inactive dry hole fut. util??

It is shut-in language.

So, does that mean that they will come back to this well at some point or that's it?

Looks like smoke and mirrors. Look at the staus dates. This is their way of keepings things quiet but they have been doing this for 3 years.

Looking at the comments over the past 18 months, sounds like Two Dogs, Pirate was more intuitive than he may have realized.  Information from someone on the ground in the area knows that they are drilling nearby.  The land we own is evidently just next to David as my research back in 2/2012 showed we were in the area S2, E2.  I am thinking David and I are virtual neighbors.  The land is in Eola.  We have a current lease.

As of July 4 there were no rigs running in Avoyelles Parish.  And currently there is no permit to drill listed by the state for the parish.  If there is drilling going on nearby, it's not in Avoyelles Parish.

Thanks for the info. I guess I need to follow up with my source.

I imagine your neighbor is seeing some kind of activity but if it is actual drilling it would have to be a water well.  He/she could be seeing construction of a surface location which would occur before a permit to drill was issued.

Thanks for the insight.

With plenty of the leases in my area getting read to come to a point where the oil companies are going to have to take the option and pay up, let the lease go, or renegotiate the whole thing (probably lower) we should get some news in the next few months on Avoyelles.

The Shale Geo Well in Deville will be on our radar.


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