Would be interested to know y'all thoughts/opinions on what "they" would be looking for in the Miller County (AR) area...Cass County, NW LA & most of the ARK/LA stateline to the east of Miller County are all very active but it seems each area has a different target.

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Rebecca, could you give a little more information concerning depth, company and vertical or horizontal? This may get you more information. I noticed 34 people have viewed this since yesterday so there must be some interest in your inquiry. Thanks, Tom Bennett.

Happy to...thanks Tom--

JAG (2011) & Stroud (2010) are companies that have contacted my family for minerals we own in S5T20SR27W the old Kelly Bayou Field. Stroud initially wanted 8-10,000 depth only & NO HAYNESVILLE SHALE. Then when the lease arrived they "forgot" and included all depths as well as a Haynesville Sand/Shale clause. JAG wants all depths in Section 5.

I spoke to a Miller Co  landowner that has been leased from Stephens Land for a company called Enduro. I follow N. Caddo Parish, Cass County, Arkansas as well as LSBD sites. I see quite a variety of zones being followed/drilled/discussed in these sites. N. Caddo Parish & Cass County have picked up of late and, of course, along the state line east of Miller Co. has been active for some time. Miller Co. seems to be surrounded by a lot of activity. Some of the discussions I've read felt strongly that the Brown Dense was not in Miller County. So...what are they looking for? My family has a large amount of minerals in southern Miller Co. The offers have not been very good...in my opinion-- and I am trying to weigh ...lease or wait. I wish I had more info to share. Any thoughts or comments would be welcome.

Could still be Brown Dense, and I would be suprised if it wasn"t. Oil and Gas Companies have long explored and leased land to drill and define fields. Sometimes they drill to a lower depth than they produce.... knowing they have what they wanted to know but not producing it and movin back up to produce and pay for the well. I don't think they want the big bonus money the Haynesville paid ever again, and most just won't pay that to drill.
I do think there could possibly be Brown Dense as far west as Cass County and I would expect to see continued activiuty in Miller County, Cass County, and North Caddo..... but time will tell. If I was approached about a lease I would expect a reasonable bonus offer with a good percentage of production. After all production is where the big money should be.

Tom, thanks for the reply. It all makes for some interesting and exciting times...I grew up in Miller County with the hum & pop of the pump jack on the hill "rocking" me to sleep EVERY night...a  well that was drilled in the 1930's and when I checked production in 1985 it was still producing 50 bbl/month.  Yes, fun times ahead.  Thanks again.

thanks Tom for this insight. The family is sitting on wait.


Marie, I don't have a crystal ball and I don't have sources, and if I did wouldn't be able to say who they were unless it was public information. I do think from what I have heard and from information gathered there is a very good possibility oil and gas companies are in the process of defining the boundries of the Brown Dense. As I said I think there could be a possibility there is Brown Dense as far west as Cass County. I also stated "time will tell", and it will. You should never make a decision on Oil and Gas based on what other people say or suggest in my opinion. However, I do urge you to learn as much as possible concerning oil and gas activity in your area so you will be in a better position to make a fair lease if the oppertunity presents itself. Hope this clears up any misunderstanding you may have had . Thanks, Tom.
Marie, I admire your continued wanting more than a vague reference. I would ask how did whoever had the map you saw (maybe southwestern) define the boundries? Through drilling? If so do you know for certain? Your reference to map or maps you have seen could also be taken as vague.
As I said and will say again I think there could be a possibility Brown Dense as far west as Cass County. Time will tell. All my statements are based entirely on my opinion.
And if you should find something of interest please share with the board. I personally think we are in the early stages of Brown Dense and hope it is as far west and south as Cass County, and time will tell. Also as time goes and companies explorer with new and better technics in completing wells in the BD the wells should in my opinion get better.


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