Anyone have info concerning going bonus and royalty rates for leases in Leon?

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$5000 + per net mineral acres offers to purchase already leased interests in Leon County, south of Oakwood?

Is anyone else getting offers like this.  Is there any background information. I am missing? We are  not selling but interest is picking up as we have received 2 similar offers?

Mineral buyers trying to get out in front of the deep Comstock / Aethon Haynesville - Bossier Hz play that is moving thru Robertson and Leon Counties

Do you have any idea how high it could go? I read it went to $10K per net mineral acre in the original Haynesville boom.

No way to predict the ceiling on these offers - but I would think that the per NMA in the Leon / Robertson Co area could meet or exceed that of the core Haynesville area (based on the fact that these are better wells).

But as usual, mineral buyers will be coming in cheap to get some people to sell at "too low" prices.

Great set of photos. 

Not selling MI's is the best approach unless one is desperate. Sounds like you have done a great job since you took over the trust.

I am an old-time geologist - started with Amoco in the late 70's.

Enjoy that Colorado life! I am in the Hill Country west of Austin.

That is me in the picture. That was in the Agha Jari field in  South Iran 1974, my fifth day in the oilfield. I had some second thoughts that evening as it caught on fire 1 km away.  Boots and Coots came and drilled a relief well for a bottom kill .  I met them both. It was a Santa Fe rig, I was working on the nearby SEDCO rig.Take care- Dave



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