It looks like things are picking up near Martin and Ashland. Does anyone know any details regarding the survey, leasing or drilling activity in that area.

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Lee, to date there have been two Haynesville Shale wells permitted and drilled in T13N-R8W. There has been no initial test rate information released by the State.

EnCana, LeRoy Adcock 7 #H1 Well, Serial #240484, S7-T13N-R8W
EnCana, LeRoy Adcock 17 #H1 Well, Serial #239794, S17-T13N-R8W
Thanks for the info Les. It seems that there is a slow but steady progression of activity headed east.
Lee, heard that Chesapeake will drill in S8-13N-7W next month. Activity in area now.
Does anyone know if or when they will begin drilling in this section? The last I heard was maybe May 15th, but I haven't heard or seen anything for a couple of weeks. Any new info?


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