Looks like there has been a new Permit issued for Crowell well SW of Glenmora.   Was SN# 251311 & now it is SN# 251809.

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As of last week no rig yet. 

New signs at entrance off Hwy 165 today.  It is a yellow sign with black letters "DEEP WELL"

The state provides severance tax relief for horizontal and "deep" wells. A hold over from the days when those were rare, experimental wells early 1990's.  The industry never gives up a tax break once they get it.  Now somewhere around 75 or 80% of the new, not replacement, wells are one or the other.  The state collects no severance tax for two years or whenever the well pays out, whichever come first.  It costs state coffers tens of millions a year.

Lisa rumor has it rig will be there within week.  MRO otherwise waiting on 3D shoot to be done in spring of 2020, and data analysis available in fall 2020.  As RM says ... patience! Looks like COP has left the building!!

There was several 18 wheelers coming off I49 at Woodworth Exit this morning with alot of what appeared ti oil field items on them.  One load looked like Christmas Tree type valves others with what looked like pipe spools etc.

Sign was not there Sunday.

Just a question?   Does anyone know what rig or type of rig is suppose to be coming to the Crowell 251809 site?

Not until a rig is assigned or spud as reported in the weekly rig report.

No rig as of yesterday.

Ensign Rig #777

Ensign's rig brochure too large to attach- this is one of their ADR 1500 units (as noted above).

"Only" 1500 HP - personally I would have expected a larger unit.

But at least a rig is headed this way.

I wonder has this rig is different from the H&P #507 unit that was used on the first well??


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