O.K. Newbie here so cut me some slack if I screw this up. I just noticed there's no discussion group for my parish and communication among our residents is sketchy and patchy at best because we are VERY new to the oil play, so we don't have any collective wisdom here. Any comments, insights, or even heresay welcome here. What I have to contribute is just information on lease rates and the areas they are concentrating in right now. (Averaging $150 for first three, varying for next two. From 1/6 to 1/5 royalties.) Devon is about a month into drilling it's first Tangipahoa well just a little north of me in Fluker, Louisiana. I have friends who are part of the unit but they are not hearing much of anything. Security at the site is TIGHT with our local sheriff's office maintaining 24 hour presence a couple of hundred yards from the rig itself. They ask you your business and write it all down. I think it's called a "tight hole" or something like that. They are also going to be buying all the pond water nearby. I don't know how much they are paying but will ask around.I have heard that our state is limiting the drilling of wells for water but I'm not sure of that. It was just hearsay from a friend. Well that's it for now.This is a great site. I've learned tons here. Amelia Resources has been a great help as well. Keep up the good work people.

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Whatever happened to the Northwest Wilmer Oil Field? I haven't heard anything about these two proposed units?

Devon's application for the Northwest Wilmer Field units was heard and approved on Feb. 28.  On March 8 Devon applied and received a well permit for the TMS RA SUA;Murphy 63H #1.  If you didn't receive a notice letter regarding these two units than you are not on the Interested Party list or your address on the list is incorrect.  State regulations require notice to mineral and surface owners of record within the unit boundaries and to those adjoining to a distance of 1,000' outside the boundaries.

Skip, Can you tell me something- I know 0 about all this stuff - I am wondering how long it takes from once they sell the "oil" or whatever they retrieve - until the landowner will see royalties?  Ive been told so many varying things that my head might spin off and we will have a new horror flick on our hands


There is no definitive answer.  Without going into all the possible scenarios figure best case scenario 3 to 4 months.  It can take twice that but the bottom line is that your first royalty check will cover all production back to the first day. 

Thanks for the information. I am in the Little Silver Creek Field.

Isn't this oil well in West Feliciana? Baker's Creek?

Yes. The Devon Murphy 63H will be the unit well for TMS RA SUA, Baker Creek Field, W. Feliciana.  Devon has applied for unit TMS RA SUA in the Northwest Wilmer Field, Tangipahoa.  There is no well permit for this unit at this time.  Sorry for mixing up the two, Betty.

Skip i am new to the discussion but have been reading and trying to follow thr info and comments I am in the Little Silver Creek Field and have a question I have recieved several letters and the last one was a hearing with the conservation board Iwas wondering if this is where the oil company applies for a permit Also i talked to a man in the North Wilmer Field and he told me they were moving in some equipment to do the dirt work this morning

Devon has applied for a TMS Unit (TMS RA SUA) in the Little Silver Creek Field, Tangipahoa Parish (see link below).  This is a drilling and production unit, not a well.  State regulations require that an applicant send a notice letter to all surface and mineral owners of record within the proposed boundaries of a drilling unit and adjacent to a distance of 1000'.  Notice is also required for any Alternate Unit wells that may be drilled in the same unit.  Applications for well permits do not require notice.  You have to search for them yourself or check in here regularly to know when a well is permitted for this unit. 


thanks for the info skip

Betty Painter, my thoughts are that the land guys are trying to get as many owners leased as they can while the getting's good.  Once the cat's out of the bag as far as real production, owners will probably start demanding more money for the leases..greed will indeed step in! 

Jane Doe:

Thanks for the viewpoint, Jane Doe.  No doubt the operators are doing their best to maximize their positions.  Given that I have some acreage in N-Tangi very close to several of these proposed and approved units, I would like to have fair access to available information on how the play is panning out, just as do the operators.  That way, I am better able to make an informed assessment and decision on fair lease terms, including but not limited to royalty percentage, no expense clause, Pugh clause(s), surface access terms and conditions, indemity(ies), extent of restoration if appropriate and bonus.  If everyone has the same info, such as what is the actual production of wells that have been drilled and what do the declines in production look like, then the playing field starts to level out.  If production is great and declines are reasonable and predictable, then a lease has greater value than the extremely low, operator favorable terms that have operators have obtained to date.  Speaking only for me, I have no intention of being :"greedy."   Rather, I just  want to reach an understanding on a long term relationship that is fair and equitable for my family and the operator.



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