I'm hearing that West Feliciana is pretty hot right now. My cousin leased for $200/acre 1/5 royalty 3+2. He is located in the Wakefield area. Not sure who he leased to, but I was just wondering if there were any offers in the area.

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so what side is better for oil and gas north or south side
For AC I would say that South. For EF or TMS I don't think it matters.
I would only play the North side for the TMS. The deeper depths to the south hurts your economics on a well by well cost basis as well as the higher GOR's (more gas less oil). Anything below ~16500-17000' TVD is dry gas country.
i do not know how deep i am.


Are you one on the Maglones that is West of Slaughter?

yes sir
You are North of the shelf and in a VERY GOOD (EXCELLENT) position for all three AC, EF and TMS. Not in a good position for Tuscaloosa because the Sonny Johnson well just East of you was not good in TUSC.
so do i need to go to work tomorrow,lol
LOL....................... You are on the up thrown side but down dip of the fault that runs through Slaughter.
I don't know how you can make a statement like that. Until the area is drilled and we have production I don't think anyone knows what the production characteristics of a well will be. Where are you getting this information?
Shelf margin Is very interpetive without extensive subsurface and seismic control. It also is somewhat of a relative thing anyway. Where are you getting your info? Your own interpretation? I am all about a better concept/model, but I need to know the data source.

First, it is not some "relative thing". It is definite and well defined. I'm using well log data. The Hardee Brian well is South of the shelf and the Ewell Bickham well is North of it. There is about 2 miles between them and there are very visible surface markers that also indicate where the shelf is. 



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