I'm hearing that West Feliciana is pretty hot right now. My cousin leased for $200/acre 1/5 royalty 3+2. He is located in the Wakefield area. Not sure who he leased to, but I was just wondering if there were any offers in the area.

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In this particular area there are surface indicators that show exactly where the shelf is and where the major regional faults are.

Are you familiar with the book - The Geology of Baton Rouge, I think that is the name of it? I looked for my copy a few months ago and cannot find it. It shows and discusses the basic geology of this area from South of BR to the Zachary area. If you follow the surface indicators that he walks the reader through in BR and along the BR fault and you then use those indicators to interpret the geology of the area North through Zachary. The surface indicators become very visible all the way to the shelf and beyond.

Have not read that one Joe. I'll check it out. I think Bulldog had a good comment. Wherever the shelf margin is, if you get to deep you will be in the gas window. Economics on dry gas don't work.

I think there is a lot of guessing being done about the possible phases of the EF or TMS. Until we get drilling data in this area none of these comments mean anything. All it does is cloud the issue and really works against the land/mineral owner. Why speculate? That's not where we need to be focusing. Again, why are you or anyone else bringing information from the EF in TX into this area? The EF and its phases has NOTHING to do with the "real" geology that we are looking at here. If you don't know or have the facts don't post it.

That being said, I do follow the leasing and lease prices in the EF. I think that there is enough similarity to warrant watching the leasing in that area and apply some of the tactics to this area. 

Resourceplaya.  Very resourceful.  Unless I am just misreading it, In looking at your map, however, it shows almost no leasing in Tangipahoa Parish.  Earlier this year, various news outlets reported that quite a few acres had been leased in Tangipahoa Parish.  See http://www.wbrz.com/news/land-leases-for-oil-and-gas-exploration-boom-in-tangipahoa-parish and http://www.hammondstar.com/articles/2011/02/19/top_stories/8491.txt.  I understand that the initial 13,000 acre position reported in the media back in February is low.    Anyone have any indication of further activity in Tangipahoa Parish? 

Thanks for the heads up DCM. I will look into it and update.
There is leasing going on in Tangipahoa.

Do you know who the players over there are? I believe Goodrich took some leases in that area.
The landman that I know didn't disclose who he was working for. He did  tell me that he heard form lessors that Amelia, if I remember correctly, was buying leases in the parish.
Goodrich has around 74000 acres spread out across several parishes/counties on both sides on the LA/Mississippi state line ( example: St. Helena and Amite) .According to their public statements, they don't plan to drill until 2012 after the Devon and Encana wells in that are are completed. I am looking to buy stock in Goodrich and others like it. Any suggestions?
It is rumored that EXCO is getting in the game. They are excellent operators. Of course there are the big players already in.
Here is another map showing the Edwards Shelf but it may not be accurate either: http://www.ameliaresources.com/documents/tuscaloosatrend/Amelia%20R...

Thanks Steve,

Kirk's map is correct.

I don't know where these other maps are coming from other than a mapping service out of TX. This is not the first time I've seen this. They are simply not correct and I hate for anyone to be mislead by incorrect information. There is enough "bum steering" by the industry and landmen that we don't need anyone posting information that would put someone in a situation where they were taken advantage of because they got wrong info. 

Again, as I posted earlier, there in no reason to post info that is pure speculation. That's what I'm seeing and it does no one any good. Until there is drilling data from THIS area; we have nothing but guessing. I don't see where that accomplishes anything. I'm here for knowledge and facts and I think a lot of other people are to.


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