A new method for preventing production losses due to Pressure Dependent Permeability

I am a semi-retired production / facilities engineer who is actively generating ideas, one of which seems could have tremendous beneficial application in the Haynesville Shale.  Please check out a presentation I made earlier this year in Denver at an ALRDC event, and let me know if you have any interest in pursuing.

2017 ALRDC Gaswell Workshop Presentation

While it may take re-fracturing a well to regain access to reserves lost to Pressure Dependent Permeability, this is a new twist to an old proven method that will prevent liquid loading while producing at high pressures.  Continuous Gas Circulation, sometimes known a poor-boy gas-lift, can be economically performed at pressures up to 5000 psi.  Known as a permanent method for gas well deliquification, this was first written about in SPE 37426 many years ago.  The availability of CNG compressor cylinders make implementing this feasible.

Should require less than 50 HP, and can be done using single phase electric power with a VFD.

Bill Elmer, P.E. 

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Thanks for posting Bill.


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