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Comment by Teresa on November 17, 2015 at 14:50

I own property in section r15wt12n19.  Received a letter from Comstock that they wanted to make the well that is closed for future use the following: register 19-18 HC No.1 Alt.  the plat that I received shows other wells in the same section as the same thing.  HA RA SU60 28-AA-30 is the information on the plat.  what does this mean?  The plat also shows two new wells being drilled on the north part of the section and being pulled from section 18.  The alt. wells also show being pulled from section 18.  I would like to know also on an alt. well if they come and and work on it.  this well was drilled back  in the 80's and is not a Haynesville shell well but they want it to be a Haynesville shell alt. well. Help me to understand this please.

Comment by A.R. HALL on July 9, 2015 at 20:14
26& 23 14n 12w hanyeville shale
Comment by Mary Alison Anders on August 22, 2013 at 20:02

Thank you Henry.

Comment by Henry on August 20, 2013 at 6:23

Mary Alison,

Note-- the surface location is in 14-11-11, so look in that section on sonris to find your well.  As Larry said, it is not a bad well at all.  It appears CHK has choked it back some, but so we cannot tell what it would flow at otherwise.  However, the well in 22-11-11 is producing very well - it's up to almost 5 Bcfe to date - so maybe this one will produce similarly over time.  If your family member is unleased, he/she will have to wait a while to reach payout -- this well has produced only about 2.5 Bcfe of gas so far.  You'll have to reach at least 4 Bcfe of production for your well to reach payout (very rough estimate).

Comment by Mary Alison Anders on August 19, 2013 at 20:02

Thank you Larry.

Comment by Larry G Smith P.E. on August 16, 2013 at 13:32

Sorry but the post did not copy right, But go to SONRIS, click on the Well Number when the box opens, add your number, 242981, it will then take you to the well information. Scroll down to production. There you will find the month by month production that CHK turned into the DNR and it is then posted on SONRIS.  You need to get a copy of the Lease, go to the DeSota parish court house, have the name of the owner, the parish, etc and tell them you need a copy of the signed lease. The well is owned by CHK.

Comment by Larry G Smith P.E. on August 16, 2013 at 13:26

Your well was drilled and is produced by CHK, from Sonris posting not a bad well;

05/01/2013 617289 1 0 0 77133 0 0 DE SOTO
04/01/2013 617289 1 0 0 86388 0 0 DE SOTO
03/01/2013 617289 1 0 0 103414 0 0 DE SOTO
02/01/2013 617289 1 0 0 110446 0 0 DE SOTO
01/01/2013 617289 1 0 0 147953 0 0 DE SOTO
12/01/2012 617289 1 0 0 179400 0 0 DE SOTO
11/01/2012 617289 1 0 0 234660 0 0 DE SOTO
10/01/2012 617289 1 0 0 281287 0 0 DE SOTO
09/01/2012 617289 1 0 0 295196 0 0 DE SOTO
08/01/2012 617289 1 0 0 284421 0 0 DE SOTO
07/01/2012 617289 1 0 0 299406 0 0 DE SOTO
06/01/2012 617289 1 0 0 170975 0 0 DE SOTO
05/01/2012 617289 1 0 0 63414 0 0 DE SOTO
04/01/2012 617289 1 0 0 70899 0 0 DE SOTO
03/01/2012 617289 1 0 0 69468 0 0 DE SOTO
02/01/2012 617289 1 0 0 54879 0 0 DE SOTO
01/01/2012 617289 1 0 0 251084 0 0 DE SOTO
Comment by Mary Alison Anders on August 15, 2013 at 16:03

Does anyone have info. on EDDY 23-11-11 H.  Serial #242981 in DeSoto Parish?  A family member has some an interest in this well and was not notified of completion cost or anything else, and believes that CHK deliberately made the cost low so as to regain some position.  His interest is 65 acres. There was a dry hole drilled in the 1970's.  He has not received any royalty and wants to know if this well is worth filing a lawsuit to recover. I think the royalty obligation from CHK is 1/8th...I am not sure of that %.  Are not they obligated to contact owners with smaller working interest's? 

Comment by Larry G Smith P.E. on May 13, 2013 at 13:16

How many of you check the SONRIS production site? Twice CHK has paid us less MCF than was/is listed on the SONRIS TABLE OF PRODUCTION, I have checked with SONRIS and asked them how accurate the listed production was on the List.  They told me that what ever the production company turns in is the amount listed and the company has several months to correct the amount if it is not correct.  Our last royalty check was short a little over 8000 MCF, I called, got NO reply, have sent 2 emails and have not heard back from CHK. I will continue until they do answer me or someone else.

Comment by DrWAVeSport Cd1 on September 24, 2012 at 14:22


For the past 6 months CHK has been sending "Offer To Acquire Additional Interest in Chesapeake Properties" letters in with their revenue checks.   CHK "offer" printed on pink, red and purple paper.  Maybe CHK believes I will "favor" one of their "offers" over another based on my favorite color.  LOL

Why CHK wants to "buy" my mineral interests?   I suggest it is because CHK's "Offer To Acquire" is 1/2 of their lifetime value... Maybe even 1/3.

I have not received one from "Mineral Acquisition Company" yet.  However I did receive an "offer to buy" this Summer from a large Corporation and their offer wasn't "bad," just lower than I would sell.

Does Mr. Aten give a $$$ figure/mineral/royalty acre? 

Thanks for the fyi...



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