I just cant understand all of this. I guess I'll an idiot! I am in section 36-T12N-R14W. Is there any way to see what's to come? Any activity? Also 31-12N-13 H-1.

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To see what's happening in a particular section, go here:


and enter your section, township and range. That will take you to a list of wells that are operating, were previously operating, or are permitted in your section. Click on the well serial number to see all the published info for that well. Looks like there's only one producing well - PET RA SUA;T J LAWRENCE EST - in that section.

A lot of the info that shows up on the page for an individual well is cryptic and indecipherable to me - your mileage may vary! I'm close by, in sections 29, 30 and 31 in 12N-14W, by the way.

Yea. I went there and saw that. I just don't understand it.

Can you be more specific?



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