Solicitation Policy

If you have a commercial interest, we want GHS to be a place where you can network and build on your efforts. So, we are again making some changes to our solicitation policy.

Last November, the no-solicitation rule was lifted in the county groups; members are now able to freely promote in the county groups without concerns of violating the GHS' solicitation policy. The reason for the change is that it has become evident there is a need for a place where members can promote their minerals or services. The ideal location for this is in the county groups. 

In addition to this we are making another adjustment. As of today, April 25, 2014, we are changing the solicitation/promotion policy with respect to one's profile picture, profile name and profile page.


Promotion CAN take place in the following places

1.  County & Parish Groups (indicated with "County" or "Parish" in its title)

2. On your "My Page."

3. In your profile picture (i.e. you can use a company or business logo)

4. In your profile name you can use a business name (i.e., American Energy, LLC is acceptable, but "I want to buy your minerals" is not.)

Promotion CANNOT take place in the places 

1. Home Page Forum or any group that DOES NOT contain "COUNTY" or "PARISH" in its title. 

GHS still retains the right to delete any post(s) not in its best interest. 

Thank You


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