By Skip Peel, Independent Landman

The following is intended to give mineral owners an idea of how minerals are valued and how they are commonly leased and sold. The comments are purposely general in nature as the subject is fairly complex, details regarding size and location of mineral ownership vary widely and those variations are critical to determining value. Anyone considering the sale of minerals should seek the professional assistance of a landman or attorney experienced in the leasing and sale of mineral interests and familiar with the  exploration and production history and current activity in the region where the minerals are located.

Skip Peel, Independent Landman provides land services to land and mineral owners.  Services include leasing research and tracking, lease negotiation strategy, tracking spreadsheets for unit and well data by play, mineral history, title research and curative and brokerage for the sale of minerals.  Service area is Louisiana and east and south-central Texas. Contact by email at


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