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In Sec. 34, 13N-12W there is a well (serial # 248793) named QP 3&34&27 - 12 - 12 HC 001 - ALT.

I am pretty sure that the Section 3 mentioned in the name is in 12N 12W, but I would think that the Sections 34 and 27 mentioned would be in 13N-12W. Wouldn't it?

I have an interest in 27 13 12 and thought that I would see, at least, a small bit of royalty income from this well.  The Cross Lateral wells can be a bit confusing.  Does anyone have any info on this specific well or info on how far (how many sections) a cross section will go?


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Yes, Sections 27 & 34 are in 13N - 12W and Section 3 in 12N - 12W.  I suspect CHK simply hasn't gotten around to placing the royalty interests in pay.  All CULs are different.  This one covers all of Section 34 but only small portions of Sections 27 and 3.  I'll post a link at the end of my reply.  The well plat is the last page.

Hi!  Thanks, Skip.  I woke up this morning with the answer. I looked up my unit's LUW code and found it on the well. So, now I have the amounts of production that are due for my unit.  Thanks for the link.  I had been trying to find that site that you posted.



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