Looks like Encana is doing a refrac on the Land & Knowles 18H #1, S18, T14N, R14W. Does anyone know if other wells in the area have been re-fractured? If so, was there an increase in production?

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I've never heard of a horizontal well being re-fraced and don't know how it would be accomplished.  The only wells that are re-fraced as far as I know are vertical wells.  .


I think they have done horizontal refracs in the Barrnet shale. I have not been on site, but it sure sounds like frac pumps to me.

I Googled the  subject and found a few articles.  I read dozens of Internet reports daily and if refracturing horizontal wells was a common occurrence I think it would be covered.  The Barnett Shale has a lot of vertical wells however the few articles that came up with the Google search were about horizontal Barnett wells.  They appeared to be promo pieces for service companies with designs to refracture horizontal laterals but they did not indicate that refracturing was common.  I've never heard of a Haynesville Shale horizontal well being refractured.  Yours would be the first.

I do not find any information regarding a workover of the well in the database.  I will make myself a note to look at the paper well file the next time I am in the District 6 office.  In the mean time I think the topic may be worth a stand alone discussion on the Main Page.  I would wager that we have a few industry members who might shed some light on the subject.


Thanks for the information. I do not know what kind of workover they are doing but lots of lights and noise. Also looks like a coil tubing rig on site, might be used to drill out stage plugs.... don't know?

You're welcome.  I checked with Jay.  He has never heard of a horizontal shale well being re-fractured either.

FXEF, I think you were interested in Refracs in Desoto Parish. If you look at Sec. 7 14/14 Desoto (Packert 7 well) you will notice a big increase in production for Feb. and March postings. I know GEP got approval to drill alternate wells in that section but I don't think they have started drilling; however, I am wondering if a refract was done with the big increase in production. Have you heard any info on it? Or has anyone heard anything

My mineral interests are in Oklahoma and Kansas, I just look in here occasionally, so excuse the intrusion. BP is re-perfing and re-fracking wells it bought a few years ago from CHK in the Woodford dry gas area of Oklahoma, first production in 2008. The first I noticed was a well we have an interest in - the Loftis 4-H located Sec.4-4N-12E IM in Pittsburg Co., recompleted in Jan. or Feb. of 2013. Since then they have done about another dozen in the same area with about the same results. In general, the results seem to be about 1/3 the initial production, and with our well, the decline curve is not nearly so steep, at least up to now. Hope this helps in your search for relevant info about your interests, and again please excuse.

Thanks, Harold.  If you run across any presentations or news releases by BP referencing re-frac on their horizontal wells please post it for us.  Re-fracing a horizontal well on an individual stage basis would be quite costly I think and not worth the additional 1/3 production improvement.  The cost to frac most horizontal wells is approximately 1/2 the total cost of the well.  If it's a $10M well, then $5M to frac.  A stage by stage re-frac could cost more than the original stimulation job.  Now if the re-frac is for the entire linear extent of the perforated lateral that might be a good bit less expensive but would greatly reduce the pumping pressure per perforation and the ability to fracture the formation.  None of my industry contacts have ever heard of re-fracing a horizontal well so I am curious to find a public mention by an energy company.

Thanks, tc.  I had poked around EagleFordForum in the past looking for threads on the subject.  Basically I agree with Mark's comment considering the limitations of re-fracing and I have found companies, in addition to Halliburton, that offer re-frac services.  What I haven't been able to find is any statement by a publicly traded energy company stating that they re-frac their horizontal wells.  I can find plenty of statements on re-fracing vertical wells which has been common practice for some time.  I'll print out the Halliburton article and read it later today.  Considering the high incidence of non-contributing stages/perf clusters I would think there would be much more reported on the subject than what I see if there were proven, cost effective solutions.

There is an SPE paper on the BP Woodford refracs- 

#168607 "Re-fracturing Horizontal Shale Wells: Case History of a Woodford Shale Pilot Project"

I couldn't figure out how to upload the PDF but I'm happy to do it if its possible- I just have it on my desktop.

I don't think horizontal re-fracs have been done a lot but every company I talk to is looking at them and I think a number have started pilots. 



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