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Keith, thanks for all the hard work you do to keep us informed! I noticed a well named Otto Turner 2-15-14H 001 in the DeSoto Parish list. I had a lease in that section and 2 wells were drilled and shut in by the name of Otto Turner. They were serial #s 238542 and 240950. I received 2 yearly shut-in bonuses; the last one expired 8/31/2013. I didn't realize anything was happening until I saw the shalecast post. It looks like this third well is in the same location. Can someone please tell me how I can verify whether or not this is indeed in the same unit and if I'm entitled to either 20% or 100%, or anything at all? Thanks!

Did you get your questions answered by CHK? If this unknown well is part of the same unit as your other well then this should be fairly straight forward.

CHK said that checks had been sent to my old address and returned, and that if would I send a change of address form and a W9, they would reissue them. This doesn't really make sense as I had sent them a change of address in a letter along with copy of my husband's death certificate. They mailed me back at my new address, acknowledging his death. If they did originally issue checks to me, they did so without a W9 on file.  So I've sent what they asked for and will see what happens. I would like to see pay detail on the amount and price of the gas at the time it was sold, but I bet I don't get it. Thanks for responding!



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