Momentum representing Leap Gas Gathering LLC has been contacting landowners in Desoto and Sabine Parishs for a large pipeline. How much have they been paying per rod for permanent easements for pipeline? I know that during the Boom that people were getting $350-$400 per rod. Thanks in advance for information.

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There are several factors that can affect price paid per rod.  The location, size, and route throughout your property are the primary factors.  If the pipeline company has an economic alternative to the route across your property can be another factor.  The size of the pipeline and permanent ROW are also important.  All that being said, I have seen $300 to $750 per rod plus damages paid in the last few months.  The best advice is to retain the services of a good oil/gas attorney.  They are privy to the most current terms and can protect you from making costly mistakes.


Thank you very much for your response.  This at least gives me an idea of price.  Does size of pipeline affect price this proposed pipeline is 36"

Yes, the permanent and temporary ROW widths will be larger due to the size of the pipe. The upper end of the price spectrum will be in order.  



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