I believe that El Paso has farmed out most of their deep rights in Grand Cane & Ranchland Acres are to Exco, but now it looks like they are farming out the shallow to Indigo Minerals. Indigo is doing multiple Cross Unit Laterals to EAST of Highway 171 north of Grand Cane but not to the west. Now SKLAR is going to drill the CV and Hoston in areas that BHP drilled the Haynesville on--again EAST of Hwy 171.  Anyone have any new info on that area

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Here is the most recent map from Indigo.  The yellow squares indicate Indigo leasehold (not all of it is prospective for horizontal CV development).  The blue wells are producing and the red wells are planned.  The bulk of the wells are concentrated in the East Half of Township 15 North, 15 West.  The group of wells to WSW is located in 14 North, 16 West.  And the group immediately south of that group is in the East Half of 13N - 16W and the NE Quarter of 12N-16W.  Click on the image to enlarge it.

Skip, I can't get the map to enlarge enough to see it. Is there a pdf link.

I couldn't either.  You can get a pdf version on Indigo's website.  If memory serves this map is under Operations.  Try this link:


Since this map came out, Indigo is applying to drill CULs from south part of 14/14 into 13/14 and now SKLAR is applying to drill 13/14 down Firetower Rd. in any sections originally drilled by BHP. These aren't showing up on DNR yet but friends of mine are getting the application notices

What Sklar is applying for are CV alternate unit horizontal well locations that cross unit lines (CUL).  That does indicate an interest in drilling wells also but that will take a permit to drill which will not require notice to mineral owners.  I tend to wait until a permit has a rig on site before starting a discussion because it's somewhat common for units to be formed, surface locations built and well permits approved without a well being drilled.  There is only so much room for discussions on the main page of each group.

There is a fair amount of CV related activity currently that may or may not be associated with the successful CV horizontal development by Wildhorse in Lincoln Parish.  To date Wildhorse has been unsuccessful in locating a similar over-pressured CV island in their area of N LA.  They are still looking.  I think that the chances are reasonable that there are other such islands located in the massive-sandstone portion of the CV basin in N LA however it is worth noting that such areas are limited in size and shape and exhibit variances in reservoir characteristics.  All the CV operators are worth following and it's good to see the current level of activity.  Cross your fingers, just don't count your chickens.

Hey I can't count my chickens yet--they aren't drilling those CV laterals in any minerals I own. YUK!! I would rather have lots of Haynesville wells drilled, but that doesn't look very promising right now either. There is always next yr. Thanks again for all the great info you provide. KC

The horizontal CV wells with liquids have better economics than Haynesville dry gas.  They are in some respects similar to Marcellus Shale wells in the wet gas window.

Indigo is sending letters to everyone in the Ranchland Ac. area to BUY/or lease their minerals. People need to be aware and read their letters very carefully to make sure if the offer is to LEASE or to BUY. Everyone I have spoken with has received an offer from Indigo to BUY their shallow rights.

Can you post a copy of the letter?

KC, Indigo just revamped their website and they have more maps and information on the Properties tab. You might find them of interest...



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