Where can I find royalty owners information for Aethon such as check stubs.  Could do it with J-W.  


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Mr. Trippe, , I did get my stub today. JW's customer service advised me that they are sending out there last check in October 2016. After this I would be dealing with the new company.

Thank you very much Martin (please I am Len, not Mr.).  I had a good line of communication with J-W.  My 4 efforts with Aetheon have not been responded to at all.  Good to know you got your check.

I had a thought that Aetheon might contract with J-W to continue with payments and get reimbursed, but I guess not.  

If you find a way to get royalty interest information after October, please let me know.  I will do the same.  

My email is ltrippe624@aol.com.

Thank you again.



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