A friend sent an alert regarding a  Petroquest development.  It could have been posted as well but I have not been able to find it.  Would someone with knowledge... please share the field location where PetroQuest hit such a nice well!  Here is the link to the news release.


thanks in advance.  If I've asked this question before... sorry.


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Panola County.  Real close to the state line.


Thanks Jay!   Our family has minerals in Panola and Harrison... but I'm not sure we have minerals all the way to the Louisiana state line.   Does the E-Berry formation/sands cover a wide area or is it pretty narrow... just along the state line in Panola County?  The only thing I could find is the E-Berry is between 7,000 and 10,000 feet.  But I don't know the size or limits of the formation.


My knowledge is only in LA as I can follow activity on Sonris.  The TX RRC website is awful.

Here is the most recent PQ slideshow.



Jay, You're right.  The Texas RRC site is horrible.  It was once simple... and I hear if you pay a fee you can get more details.  I already pay the fee... called taxes!  Thanks for the presentation!


Jay is this the same formation Indigo is concentrating on in Desoto (Cotton Valley), especially in Bethany Longstree Field?

Looking at these presentations, it looks like western and southern Caddo would be affected too. Am I reading that right

Yes it is the same section of the CV. The wells are only moderately economic with gas and ngl prices being what they are. That is why Indigo is focused more on the Haynesville than the CV right now.

Carthage field.

any of it in northern Panola county.  we have property straddling Panola and Harrison


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