On March 7 Helmerich & Payne Rig #341 spud the Anadarko E&P Onshore Comegys 26H #1, S26-20N-15W, Caddo-Pine Island Field.  For previous discussions and continuing posts please join the North Caddo Parish Group.

Link to SONRIS Lite Well File:

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How  can  I determine if the proposed unit will include section 12 - T.20N, R.15W.?



You'd look up the plat for the unit, in this case, HA RA SUS in the Caddo-Pine Island Field in the SONRIS Classic portion of the state O&G database.  However HA RA SUS is a 640 acre unit covering only Section 26.  There is a unit, HA RA SUYY, which is 960 acres and includes the south one half of Section 12, along with all of Section 13. These are not "proposed units".  They are Field Orders meaning the application has been approved and formally implemented by the state.

Thanks for the information.  Can you tell me what the designation HA RA SUYY means?  Also, is Anadarko primarily seeking liquids production?



Reagan, suggest you read through the numerous discussion threads in the North Caddo Group for background.  HA is the state approved abbreviation for the Haynesville Zone.  RA stands for Reservoir A.  SUYY is Sand Unit YY.  There are multiple HA RA units in the Caddo-Pine Island Field, as there are in all parishes with HA units, and each Sand Unit is given a numeric or alpha designation to distinguish it from the other HA RA units in the same field.  The first Haynesville unit in each field would be HA RA SUA.  It appears likely that liquids are the target. 

Many thanks.  Can you recommend anyone to assist with clearing title to old family surface/mineral interests in this area?  Acreage acquired by my grandfather and grandmother probably in the 1920's - Lot 217 of the subdivision of West half of Section 12, T.20N. R.15W.

Send me a friend request.  When Ii accept go to my personal page and get my off site email address.  Send me an off-site email with the particulars of your title problem.

Skip, what does this do for the Benton Parrish, specifically the area near Airline Drive?  Please respond.  Bernard Parks.



The leasing only extends a short distance across the river into Bossier Parish.  The eastern edge would be in the vicinity of Benton Road.

H&P Rig #341 has now completed drilling the Comegys 26H #1. It is reporting "Moving On" the Volentine 5-33H #1 in S5 - 19N - 14W.
Hi everyone, I have minerals in S 17 T 18N R 15W in Caddo near Blanchard. I was just offered $500 and 20% to lease. Anyone else in this area had offers? Trying to get a feel for market value. Thx, Robert

$500/22.5% royalty (nine-fortieths on the lease form). Oh that it was that easy.  There are numerous other lease terms to consider.


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