I think that this well may very well be the reason behind the recent interest in leasing in far west North Caddo and adjoining areas of Cass and Marion counties.


COMPANY: Rock Well Petroleum (US) Inc, SL 173 11, 2: 242085. WHERE: Caddo Pine Island, S 11. T. 20N R. 16W. DAILY PRODUCTION: 120 mcf gas on 30/64 choke; 96 barrels 42 gravity condensate; 240 barrels water. PRESSURE: 30 lbs. SPECIFICS: Annona Chalk; perforations, 2310-5600 feet, depth, 5600 feet.

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Skip do you know the name of the well?
The well name is  SL 173 11 002
State Lease.. 10 4.. Thank you sir.
You're welcome, David
Skip has Rockwell applied for anymore permits to drill the Annona formation?
Not at this time.
96 bbls of oil from the Caddo Pine Island field is pretty good. I'm surprised they aint burning the ground up..
David, they may not have the development rights that would enable them to drill more wells.  Everything up that way is HBP.  Yes, 96 bbls of oil is good for wells in the Caddo Pine Island but keep in mind those "stripper" wells are cheap to drill.  This horizontal Annona Chalk well is likely considerably more expensive.  So the determination of whether this well is economic is unknown to all but Rock Well.  Since the companies holding the development rights in that area are not likely to jump out and start drilling horizontal Annona Chalk wells on their own, I suspect Rock Well may ask them for assignments of that depth if their assessment is that the wells will be profitable.  This is a good example of prospects which may only make sense at $100/bbl oil.  They can disappear fast if there is any significant drop in price.  That may seem unlikely but it has happened repeatedly over the course of the history of the energy industry.
Yes sir, I agree. Do you know of any other activity going on around the area? I see where Petro-Chem is drilling a well over there towards the Herndon School near Belcher. Do you know what formation they are targeting? The depth of the well on the rig report is showing 4500 ft.
The Petro-Chem well is permitted as a vertical well drilling to the Hosston formation.
Matador has a well on hwy 538 just south of Mooringsport that was recompleted as a Hosston well. I believe it was originally drilled as a haynesville. It now has a pumping unit and two 400 bbl tanks. I dont know the serial number to the well to look on sonris and get any kind of production reports. Maybe North Caddo Parish will see more activity with the current oil prices being good.
That Hosston well produces a small amount of condensate.  The tanks are likely for produced salt water.


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