Nabors Rig #507 moving onto LOE H15 16N 9W Section10 North of Ringgold off Hwy 371

They started hauling the rig onto the location Friday and didn't have the derrick up on sunday afternoon
This is a small rig and I don't see them drilling the Horizontal part of the well with this Rig. For those who don't know the location is just over the south line of section ten off Beard Creek Road and the well is permitted under section 15 to the south of the location.

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What is the reason for drilling a vertical HK spudder. Is this so they can get the area HBP?
Landowner, not all Petrohawk's rigs have the top-drive or horsepower required to drill the horizontal lateral. The spudder rig program allows them to drill more horizontals with their current rig fleet. The vertical section is not generally completed in the formation by Petrohawk so it would not allow to HBP.
Does anyone know if the Grey Wolf #750 rig is considered a bigger drilling rig? I was just wondering how much a day a rig like this costs. It's massive looking.

They are on our property drilling a horizontal well to the Cotton Valley formation. This is our second horizontal. First went to Sligo formation but I was not in town to see any of it developing.

We were riding four wheelers and came up on this rig. Pretty impressive to me.

I have been told the new big rigs are around $40,000 per day drilling horizontal... which seems high. I think its the reason for the smaller rig now used to drill the vertical , logging the zone and setting the intermediate casing. Day rates on a smaller rig are half or less than a horizontal and getting cheaper as they stack.
Wow. That is expensive. I can see why they would use the smaller rigs first. Thanks for the information.

I saw the rig monday on the way to the Village of Bienille. Sweet!!! They can move over to my place when they are thru there and we will give them free lunch!!!!
I offered 2 guys at the top of the rig 2 beers from my cooler but they declined due to the liability issues!!!
This weekend the rig was past 8000' , if luck holds and not a bunch of bit trips it should TD in next two weeks.
I received a letter stating Chesapeak has applied for a permit in section 1. Also they are laying a massive 36" pipeline across nw Bienville Parish and crossing under Lake Bistineau at Lauguna Beach Road. I hear they are coming out around Plum Orchard on the other side. I haven't been aroud there to see yet.
Thanks Jed, Things are heating up in N Bienville. How long before the pipeline starts up?
Hope those wells are bigun's so the core keeps growing. thanks for the update on the pipeline those projects really help keep the economy moving. It's quite an undertaking I'm sure going under the lake.
I found out yesterday that the pipeline is a 42". I had to move a water meter and line yesterday where they built a road to haul all that pipe in. They started hauling pipe in today. I hope they hit a few monster wells in my backyard to fill up that pipe!!! I will take some pictures and post them when I am back down there. I live just off of Lake Road.


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