There are multiple rumors about SWN and the brown dense, Im starting a discussion where all rumors are welcome.

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Thanks Paul. Good Luck!

I have been around this sight for a few years. With the latest industry activity the board has become more important to me as I have a tract with both surface and mineral ownership in the Millerton Project. I have been able to connect with other mineral owners and gain valued perspective. Additionally, I have been able to renew an acquaintance from a different era, not geologic but close to it, in the much talked about Skip Peel. He has helped me with his postings and also he has offered valued advice to me, free of charge. I would advise all new members to read, laugh, and learn. Disregard personal attacks and implications. We all have our motives and we must be adult enough to know what is in our best interest.

Skip once impressed me with his stories of personal encounters with baseball greats back in 1964/65. Skip just did not visit the Astrodome when the Mick played an exhibition game. He was in the clubhouse with Jim Gentile before the paint dried. At the time I thought that was very impressive. Well, he impresses me more with extensive knowledge here in the 21st century. I appreciate his knowledge and his assistance. New members, you have come to the spot to learn and we all have a valued source of info from true oil and gas knowledge. There are egos and intrigue, but there are tremendous opportunities to learn much more than staying fixed to a clique of believers. One can get both perspectives, but when the rubber meets the road and a landowner wants free advice, Skip came through for me. When new rumors pop up, I feel I cannot get a clear perspective without Skip's insight. I look forward to his comments on the LSBD board. 

Momma always said good things will come to those who wait. This stuff dont happen over night. Please be patient.

P.S.:  Or if anyone else wants to answer my above question to LR, I'd appreciate the info.


I have a friend that was offered $175/ 20% with 4/3 year lease. His previous lease had a 3 year extension for $350. So basically SWN offered 1/2 the bonus and over twice the length of extension. I think he would have taken less money but the 7 yrs. was a deal killer. What terms where in the lease that you mentioned and what is the location? My friend's minerals were in N Claiborne less than 5 miles from the state line.


In response to the particulars with SWN and their lease terms, etc., I'm clueless on that operator.  You know more than I do.

I could offer you an opinion, on your above post of terms -- but since I'm so cold to the intel/info on SWN, it might not be very good advice.

Now, in regards to the facts that I do know, I was never asked not to talk about what went down with a certain landowner.  Also, since he had a hard fight, I would assume he wouldn't have much of a problem with me referencing his terms and how the fight went . . . yet that would be an assumption.

So, to protect his privacy, I can say that he came to me via the GHS private email system, and I gave detailed advice on how he should fight the fight.  In other words, he'd been reading GHS and didn't like the shills talkin' it down, would be a general way of stating it.  He wanted me to post more, so this was back when I'd been on hiatus, sort of, back earlier this year.

Also, he was trusting without any skepticism on my insight and was cool headed and sharp.  I just basically gave him my assessment of his situation as he'd described it to me, cautioning him that it was just my take on it.  Hey, as they say -- who can trust "free advice" on the darn Net, huh?  From a dumb avatar.  So, y'know, a landowner should process such stuff with eyes wide open.

Anyway, to give it context, the guy had some serious acreage.  So right there, if anyone's reading this with small acerage, don't try to play the game this way, per se.  Leasing comes and goes, and I do know folks who regret not signing when the tide goes out.

Also, it was Miller Land company for WLL.  The fight was over the royalty.  He didn't have a problem with the bonus offered ($500), basically, early on.  (I did, he didn't.)  Yet there were other issues, too.

So, anyway, he also had a lawyer that he liked and who told him that he (the lawyer) had done plenty of other leases with WLL.  Sounded like a reasonably good lawyer, from my thinking, but one that I didn't know much about.

So the landowner had a good amount of acres, and they were coming toward his land with the drill bit.  The fight dragged on for months, and he held his ground, not wanting to take their terms.  If he'd taken the easy way out and used a safety negotiating technique that I'd first advised, he would've inked a lease, but he was smart to hold firm and ignore more bonus for less royalty.

I know the location, but let's just say Webster close to Claiborne.

Ergo, per the above, he was in the cat bird's seat.  My advice, if it did anything, just gave him guts to fight for 1/4 royalty.  He got it.  That's what he wanted.  They had started at 1/5.

Note:  We did truly have an instant rapport -- I guess because he'd been reading my posts for awhile.  And since I'd told him the truth from get-go, with a very detailed negotiating technique to fit his needs, there was no debate or questioning.  He just wanted what he wanted; and I guess he thought my advice made sense to him.  He wasn't a tough-guy type.  He was levelheaded.

Oh, he did tell me he'd had to deal with a series of landmen, and some of 'em had kinda tried to press him with b.s., even kinda to the point of disrespect, if you ask me.  I was a bit shocked, with his number of acres, being as they might not have been able to put the unit together without his signature . . . that the landmen weren't showing him more respect.

Yet, I, too -- years back, have dealt with some of those types in some of my lease deals.  Really dumb psychology on the landmen's part, if you ask me.

The landowner inked the deal around the beginning of the summer.  Happy camper.  He thanked me and told me my advice had been correct.

Note:  I don't have time to advise folks these days.  As you can see, I'm wasting too much of my time attempting to explain this, and I'm only doing so because you're a straight-shooter, tony, and you have solid integrity and honesty and have intent to help the landowners . . . and you also respect Mr. Aubrey Sanders truth-telling.

Hope this helps. 


Gosh Darn, Thanks for the compliment and the information.

SWN CEO presents at UBS Global Conference. Trying to figure out Brown Dense.

I have a question. Is SWN doing the sesmic work in Claiborne parish?


Excerpt from Jeff Sherrick SVP Corporate Development SWN Presentation @ Johnson Rice Energy Conference   10/1/2013

From Transcript by Seeking Alpha

Very quickly going to the new venture-type activities, the programs relatively simple what we’re trying to do, we’re trying to allocate roughly 10% of our cash, discretionary cash each year into new opportunities. We anticipate if we do things that are somewhere in the neighborhood of one in four or one in five chance, so 20% to 25% piece of ace and we do this over a five-year period. We should be able to identify and generate roughly 10 good ideas and hopefully out of that if you do the math and we do our jobs, couple of those ideas are going to be significant to SWN as we go forward.

We have been talking about a few of these for about a year, year and half now, in particular the Brown Dense has been one of those topics. The Brown Dense is a very large position. We are very much in the infancy side of learning about this play. If you think about this play, it’s got a lot of resource it’s been known to be there. The real issue is cracking the code and this is no different than what a lot of other operators are going to be telling you about their plays. If you think about the Brown Dense play and if you look at the very north part up in Arkansas, there is no question it’s an oil play.

What I’m going to tell you today and I think what Steve has been telling you now for last several months, its evolving little bit more to the south to more of a gas condensate play. We've drilled eight wells and which we talked to you about at end of second quarter. We gave you certain information. Since that time, we have completed the seventh and eight well and we’ll be talking about the results of those at the quarter call, but we have also now drilled the ninth and the 10th and drilled the ninth well, have not completed it yet but are drilling the 10th well. The interesting thing about the eight, nine, and ten wells are they all verticals and as we move forward we’re getting better understanding of the different opportunities within the zone. On the eight well, we completed this is the sharp well which is here located right there near that big red area to the southeast.

The sharp well was -- it's about 400 foot section. We’ve fraced four zones in that well and we have been producing it now for little better in the month, so more results to come on this, it could be very significant to Southwestern, very nice position it’s one of those types of opportunities that we like to develop overtime for the growth of the Company. 

Thanks Jon,

I like the statement about the north part in Ar. being an oil play and  "it could be very significant to Southwestern". I hope we get some good news in the next earnings call.


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