It would appear there may be a new well in the LSBD, at least a permit anyway.  Permitted to 10290'.  August 15th from Sonris.  Anybody see anything up there? 

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I agree, Rock Man.  The potential of the Brown Dense will remain unrealized until operators can figure out how to drill an economic horizontal well.

Anyone know what other section beside 15 is in the unit?

Section 10. Click on this link, the plat is the last page of the unit application.

Skip, I can not open this link. How can they form a two section unit. My family has 40 acres within 1/4 mile of this well and 140 acres in section 14 .

William, the link is working for me.  The state has been approving two section Lower Smackover units for some time now, at least a year.  Southwestern has some two section units also.  I don't have my Brown Dense spreadsheet with me so I can't speak to Section 14.  Remind me in a few days and I'll see if there are existing or proposed units including 14.

Ok Thanks

Lower Smackover Drilling Units in 22N-1W (in addition to 10 & 15):

SWN:  16 & 21, 30 & 31

Ankor:  18 & 19, 6 & 17


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