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Do you have any details on this well, such as who the operator is and whether it will be a vertical or horizontal? Am I correct in thinking that the well shown as "nearest horizontal" is the Brammer Fullenweider well?

Click on the PDF above for all of that information

Thanks for the link, E. Wortham. I couldn't find Evan's link. Glad to see that Southwestern is still interested in this area. This is certainly a big step-out from their recent activity in Union Parish, LA, as well as quite a bit southwest of their Roberson well near Atlanta.

Is this a hail Mary or has swn figured something out?

Lets hope for the best.  Has anyone heard anything on the Roberson or Garrett wells?  Just curious if they are going to produce or P&A?  Haven't seen anything about them on the board in a while.

The Garrett well is still listed as shut in on SONRIS. Maybe they are still trying to decide what to do with it. One would think that, even if it isn't economic, they would want to produce as much as possible from it to at least reduce their losses.

Thanks Obed, know tank battery and production equipment were installed on location over a year ago but pipeline was never ran to collect the gas on Garrett well.

Since they are not planning a horizontal except as an alternative after drilling the vertical, it appears to me to be definitely a "hail mary"   as someone posted. 

With a large lease block and early leases approaching primary term expiration dates, I expect to see more wells such as this one.  I have posted in the past that considering early well results one good strategy would be to stretch the drilling budget by drilling verticals, cased to allow re-entry and later horizontal re-completion, across a wider expanse of the leasehold.  This would allow SWN to test the petro-physical characteristics of the BD oever a wider area and HBP some leasehold while determining what areas to target for lease extensions and which to drop.  As previously posted by a member the 3rd. and 4th. quarters of 2013 begin the lease expiration process and the number grows in the 1st. and 2nd. quarters of 2014.  I suspect this well location was selected based on the aging of the leases.  And that future test wells will be also.

Skip, thank you.  I was about to post essentially the same info, but you stated it much better than I could have.  I believe the Walkerville area of Columbia County had some of the earlier leases, so the location of this well make sense.


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