SWN seems to be moving fast in trying to complete the Garrett 7-23-5 H well in Lick Creek field of Claiborne Parish. They reached total depth on Feb 8th and have now apparently set casing to the bottom and moved the main rig. Six Schlumberger trucks were seen going to the location last week, and yesterday smoke was seen coming from the well, probably from a flare, although my sources were not close enough to tell for sure. Go SWN! 

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   Any word on where DeSoto rig 20 is headed .

Ora Field, Union Parish, S31-22N-1W.

The DeSoto Drilling Rig #20 has not moved as of yesterday, it reported as follows:


I have an eyewitness account that as of today (2/20/2012) there is no rig at the Garrett 7-23-5 H location. I don't know whether fracking has been completed or not, but the only vehicles seen at the site were 2 pick-up trucks.

About time.  Thanks, obed.

Just a guess, but with SWN's conference call coming up on the 28th, they may be trying to have something in place to report on this particular well.  Or, maybe the cores were soaking wet, and they are chomping at the bit to get it on line!

It could be a much more representative LSBD well.  It has a permitted lateral length of 9,200'.  If completion goes smoothly the well could be an early benchmark.

Steve Mueller said at the Credit Suisse conference that the actual lateral is 6700', still nearly twice the length of the lateral in the Roberson well.

And obviously drilled with less problems.  Thanks, obed.

SONRIS Lite reports today that 5 1/2" casing in the Garrett was set to 16590 feet, which seems to indicate SWN may not have been able to set casing quite to the end of their 6700' lateral. I don't know exactly where they made their turn, but it seems the cased lateral must be around 5700-6000 feet, if SONRIS is giving the right numbers.

Hi O.W.  this is John. What is the vertical depth of the Garrett?

John, SWN originally said the vertical depth would be around 10,800 feet, but SONRIS Lite doesn't report the actual vertical depth in their latest report:


Please keep us posted about any late-breaking news from this well.


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