Crimson Exploration Increases Acreage Position in Madison County, Texas and Prepares for Initial Horizontal Woodbine Well

HOUSTON, Nov 03, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Crimson Exploration Inc. (nasdaqgm:CXPO) today announced the acquisition of 4,700 gross (4,600 net) leasehold acres in Madison County, Texas that is contiguous to Crimson's existing Madisonville Field. Crimson has substantially increased its leasehold position in Madison and Grimes counties during 2011 and now has approximately 19,000 gross (15,500 net) acres that it believes to be prospective for a number of liquids-rich formations.

As a result of horizontal drilling and multi-stage frac technology, the Woodbine oil play in East Texas has seen a resurgence of activity. Adjacent to Crimson's acreage in Madison and Grimes Counties, offset operators have recently experienced excellent results from using these techniques in the re-development of the Woodbine. Additional horizontal potential exists in other proven reservoirs including the Austin Chalk, Buda, Georgetown, Lewisville and Glen Rose Formations. By year-end, Crimson will move a rig onto its initial well location, the Mosely #1H (~86% WI), and anticipates drilling the well to a total measured depth of 16,900 feet, that includes a 7,700 foot lateral. Crimson expects to keep the rig active throughout 2012 in order to assess its acreage position across Madison County and into Grimes County.

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As I have stated earlier, it looks like these companies role in and start by drilling their Vertical wells for science and to HBP acreage then they start over from west to east drilling their H-Wells ----- the whole process is very slow ----- a few of the companies seem to shorten this process by picking the limited areas that already have the science at someone else's expense. Lets wish Crimson the best of luck and thank them for risking the BIG $ as these wells are pretty DARK inside.

Crimson Exploration Inc. Announces More Successful Eagle Ford Oil Completions and Provides Drilling Update

HOUSTON, Nov 30, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Crimson Exploration Inc. (nasdaqgm:CXPO) today announced the successful completion and initial production on the Littlepage McBride #3H (53% WI) and #4H (53% WI) wells in Karnes County, TX and provided drilling updates for operations in Dimmit and Liberty Counties, TX.

Southeast Texas

In Liberty County, Texas, we are currently drilling the Schwarz #3 (64% WI) at 12,600 feet, targeting the Lower Cook Mountain formation, toward a total vertical depth of 14,200 feet. Crimson accelerated the drilling of this well in 2011 due to offset drilling activity. We anticipate completing the well by early first quarter of 2012. Upon completion of drilling the Schwarz #3, this rig will move to the Mosley #1H (~86 % WI) in Madison County, targeting the Woodbine Formation, where Crimson has approximately 15,500 net acres prospective for oil and liquids rich opportunities in the Woodbine and other formations that will be a focus area for the 2012 drilling program. Crimson expects to spend the balance of 2012 drilling Woodbine wells in the Madison/Grimes area.


Thanks Jffree ---- Activity still on the Rise in Western Houston County


   I am showing Crimson at 14600'  ---- also showing Burk drilling on the Horizontal "Samuels" well near Midway (this may be Burks first H well in this field) ----- several others working now east of I-45 .

Here's the latest update from Crimson:


Feb. 8, 2012, 9:00 a.m. EST

Crimson Exploration Inc. Provides an Eagle Ford Shale and Woodbine Operational Update

Woodbine Formation - Southeast Texas

In Madison County, the Mosley #1H (89% WI) is drilling at 14,065 feet toward a total measured depth of 16,930 feet. Crimson anticipates conducting 20 - 24 stages of fracture stimulation in the planned 7,500 foot lateral and remains on schedule to commence completion operations mid-February with initial production, given success, expected to begin in early March. Upon completion of drilling operations at the Mosley #1H, the rig will move approximately 1.5 miles to the north to begin drilling operations on the Grace Hall #1H (68% WI). As indicated in our capital budget, we anticipate being active in the Woodbine for all of 2012 and have already permitted 3 additional wells, with 6 more permits planned for the year.

Update on Madison Co. development:

Crimson Exploration Inc. Announces Woodbine Oil Discovery in Madison County, Texas at an Initial Rate of 1,203 Boepd

HOUSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Mar. 29, 2012-- Crimson Exploration Inc.(NasdaqGM: CXPO) announced today the successful completion of the Mosley #1H (84.3% WI), its first horizontal Woodbine oil well in Madison County, Texas, at a gross initial production rate of 1,203 Boepd, or 1,017 barrels of oil, 87 barrels of natural gas liquids and 595 mcf, on a 30/64th choke and 601 psi of tubing pressure. The well was drilled to a total measured depth of 15,650 feet, including a 6,300 foot lateral, and was completed using 23 stages of fracture stimulation.

Additionally, Crimson is actively drilling two horizontal wells targeting the Woodbine formation in Madison County, the Grace Hall #1H (82.4% WI) and the Vick Trust#1H (75% WI). The Grace Hall #1H, located approximately 1.2 miles north of the Mosley #1H, has reached a total measured depth of 16,000 feet, including a 7,500 foot lateral, and the Vick Trust #1H, located approximately 6 miles east of the Mosley #1H, is currently drilling at 11,469 feet toward a total measured depth of 15,200 feet, including an estimated 6,500 foot lateral. Both wells are expected to be completed with 20 – 25 stages of fracture stimulation. Production from these wells is anticipated to commence mid-second quarter. Upon completion of the drilling of theVick Trust #1H, Crimson will move that rig to the A. Yates #1H (50% WI) location.

The Woodbine formation is a Cretaceous aged series of sandstones and siltstones that reside within the prolific Eagle Ford source rock and is generally described as being between the overlying Austin Chalk formation and the underlying Buda formation. The productive Woodbine sands in the Madison and Grimes County area are a lower porosity and permeability extension of the prolific 100 Mmbo Kurten Field in adjacent Brazos County. Previous to the current horizontal drilling and multi-stage frac completions, the Woodbine was developed through conventional vertical completions. The lower porosity and permeability in Madison and Grimes counties had a significant negative impact on initial rates and recoveries from these vertical completions; however, with the advent of horizontal drilling and multi-stage frac completions, a 10 – 20 fold increase in rates and recoveries are recognized. Crimson recognizes that this newer technology can also be applied to other formations that have historically low volumes associated with vertical or open hole horizontal completions, specifically the Austin Chalk, Buda, Georgetown, Glenrose and the other multiple sand lobes within the Woodbine formation.


Not to bad jffree for their first well --- should we call it beginners luck or just a sign that the drilling contractors have now been shared among everyone and the learning curve is bypassed for freshmen ??

 Also good to see more & continued investor interest in this play

Crimson has participated with some of the big boys on some big wells, so my guess is they've learned from that and haven't skimped on drilling or complete design and implementation

It's just their first horizontal in that play, DH.  They have some decent Haynesville wells over in San Augustine Co. and they are in other plays where they may have picked up some experience and expertise.  A 20+ stage frac in a 6300' lateral is not a "beginner" type hz. well.  

 Someone pulled up, got out of their car and called all the right shots the first time in a new area of operations -------- THAT's HARD TO DO IN ANY BUSINESS ------ my hat goes off to um

Who was their driller?  I imagine that had a large part to play... don't you think?  


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