The Forced Unitization Bill, HB 100, has been set for a hearing at the House Energy Resources Committee this Wednesday, March 13.  This is an extraordinarily bad bill for landowners and mineral interest owners.  As a land and mineral owner in Shelby County Texas I ask you to please vote NO on the HB 100.   The bill would take away landowner rights when negotiating oil and gas leases in several different ways:


1.      It only requires 70% approval of the total working interest, not working interest owners, which can eliminate any leverage small land owners may have to protect their interests.  Meaning if 1 person owns large acreage that makes up 70% of the land in the unit, he can agree to pool even though 30 guys who own small lots don't want to.

2.      It allows the Commission to issue a forced pooling order before the operator has ever asked the royalty interest owners for approval.

3.      It leaves no real choice.  If an owner makes the decision to not ratify the forced pooling order, the operator can withhold from the owner’s proceeds up to three times what the owner would have paid if he had ratified.

4.      It gives wide discretion in how proceeds are distributed between landowners, allowing the use of any factors “as are reasonably susceptible of determination” when deciding what a tract’s fair share of the proceeds should be.

5.      The current system of leasing oil and gas mineral interests has withstood the test of time for over 100 years.  Things are working in Texas.   Those who want this bill want to change the law so they can make more money and sacrifice private property rights at the same time.

I know many land and mineral owners, as I am, and I am convinced this bill will be very bad for Texas land and mineral owners, especially small mineral owners.

Please contact your Representative and ask them to oppose HB 100!

Check here for additional info:

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Here are the email addresses/ phone numbers for the Texas House Energy Resources committee. Please contact them NOW and ask them to Vote NO on HB100. You must contact them BEFORE Wednesday March 13!

Email addresses of committee members:

Chairman Jim Keffer (R – Granbury) 512-463-0656

Vice-Chair Myra Crownover (R – Denton) 512-463-0582

Rep. Lon Burnam (D – Ft. Worth) 512-463-0740

Rep. Terry Canales (D – Corpus Christi)  512-463-0426

Rep. Tom Craddick (R – Midland) 512-463-0500

Rep. Tony Dale (R – Cedar Park) 512-463-0696

Rep. Phil King (R – Weatherford) 512-463-0738

Rep. J.M. Lozano (R – Kingsville) 512-463-0463

Rep. Chris Paddie (R – Tyler) 512-463-0556

Rep. Ralph Sheffield (R – Temple) 512-463-0630

Rep. Gene Wu (D – Houston) 512-463-0492

It is imperative you send your comments before the committee hearing on Wednesday. 

Ask them to Vote No on the HB 100!

Rep Paddie-- is from Marshall not Tyler

Right but he's listed as from Tyler on some sites. He is a very important vote on that committee on Wednesday. Please send him an email and call his office. Pass this information on to ALL the mineral owners you know state wide. We also need to get this listed on the Eagle Ford site.

Intrepid--- don't they have to have 70% approval from Royalty owners also? Not just 70% of WI? What does Unitization do for Operators (WI)? I can see this would possible dilute Royalty decimal Revenue if you are in small unit  with some good wells and the Size of Unit increases could decrease your montly revenue check if other wells put in unit that were long in the tooth or not as good producters . Can you give us more info in simply term Pro & Cons for WI Owners vs Royalty Owners-Is this not controlled to some degree by your lease agreement you signed and most unitization does not come into play until most recoverable minerals by conservative means has been done and operator unable to recovery addition reserves out of ground?--Therefore unitization may be good thing? When is it BAD for Royalty Owner? Thanks

The bill has all kind of complications in it but bottom line is mineral owners will suffer if forced pooling is passed in Texas. has a lot of very good info on their site about why this bill should be KILLED!

Interpid--- One Big No is that the State Minerals are Exempt from force pooling in this Bill-- Therefore if it's Not Good for the State it also should not be good from Citizens of State either--- Therefore I will get on phone Monday to oppose this Bill-- Thanks for heads up

Yes. Absolutely. If the State is exempt why should individual mineral owners want it. That was a hook to keep the State from opposing the bill so individual property owners could be ripped off.

Thanks for posting this!  I got the alert yesterday but i didn't think many of the readers here (mostly Louisiana) would care what's going on at the Texas legislature.  Again... i'm proven wrong!  Hopefully our lawmakers in Texas will come to their senses!!!  And hopefully they won't think about taxing email...OOOPS!  sorry i mentioned that!   THANKS, jhh

Texas court rulings are regularly cited in Louisiana O&G related litigation and vice versa.  I doubt politicians in either state would care much about the opinion of those not among their constituency all politics being local.  However most legislators would prefer the easy path of granting the O&G lobby their desires if not for a pack of motivated and vocal voters, especially their voters.  With the advent of horizontal development all land owners are potential royalty recipients regardless of size or location of mineral interest.  Too many times legislation benefiting the industry at the expense of the mineral owner has sailed through the legislative process with little or no opposition.  Hopefully that is changing in the age of the Internet.  My favorite political maxim is:  If You're Not At The Table, You're Likely On The Menu!

Thank you, Skip. Please post this info every where you can. We need to get the word out for individual land owners to take action BEFORE WEDNESDAY 3-13. we must KILL THIS BILL in the committee. They have an identical companion bill, SB136, in the Senate so KILLING THIS IN COMMITTEE will be a two fold win for individual mineral owners by dampening that Senate bill. Any help you can provide is very appreciated!

I admire your efforts for posting in multiple locations however IMO the best way to contact the membership of GoHaynesvilleShale and EagleFordForum is to enlist the assistance of Keith.  I would ask if he could send an email message to all those members who have signed up for alerts. Ask for his assistance and see what options are available to reach the most members in the shortest time.

Thanks! I did send a request directly to Keith. If you can please send a follow up request to him asking him to push it out to everyone. I would hate to see Texas Mineral owners ripped off by this bill passing because of a failure to get the word out.


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