We were contacted a couple of weeks ago by someone named "Andrew" about selling our mineral rights. I don't know what company he was representing, didn't ask. He offered $2000.00 an acre which we declined. Our neighbors were also contacted. Andrew said we should sell because there wasn't any activity in Sabine, only DeSoto. Our minerals are in 9N-12W-S21.

A new well pad has been constructed north of Zwolle, in the big woods. It is my understanding that 3 wells will be drilled on this pad. There has also been a huge frack pond constructed that holds 2+ billion barrels of water and it is very nearly full. Maybe things are ramping up here in Sabine, good news.

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Dixie, there are more than a few "Andrews" out there making offers to buy mineral rights.  Doing so is not illegal.  Still it should be done in a professional manner.  Making the statement that there is no activity in Sabine Parish is not only inaccurate, it is unprofessional.  There is indeed interest in Sabine Parish that those in the business of acquiring mineral rights know about.  And some, like Andrew, hope you do not know and would never tell you.  Here are my thoughts for Sabine Parish mineral owners.  I am seeing advance planning for future wells as far south as the northern half of the 8 North townships - 11-13 West.  For those who don't know location by section-township-range, it's time to learn.  Township 8 North - Ranges 13-11 West is generally the area just north of Zwolle, including Noble, from the lake east to the Belmont area stopping short of Natchitoches Parish. 

That information those making purchase offers know that you don't is, more often than not, publicly available information.  Not insider knowledge.  So, after you get a map showing section-township-range, you need to learn how to perform simple searches on the state Oil & Gas database, SONRIS.  You can learn the name of the established "field" where you own minerals and those that are nearby.  Once you know that you can check periodically to see if companies are filing applications with the state for future wells in your field(s).  The SONRIS database is the gold standard of state O&G databases and is quite user friendly.  If you are afraid of a computer and/or the Internet, you need to get over it or find someone to help you.  Maybe a neighbor or family member.  Your minerals may be an asset of considerable value.  If you have no way of knowing that, you are at a disadvantage when dealing with the Andrews.

They are refracking well T8, S4, R13W in my section. It was still performing fairly well for the time running.We will see what happens! Been in production little over 6 years.

Thanks, ken.  Yes, it will be interesting to see the production post-stimulation.

Skip, by chance do you know if Halliburton is still financing the refracks and getting paid on increased production?

II'm not sure ken.  After reading about it in a few articles back when, I haven't run across any mention of it since.  If that is occurring, I don't know where that might be.  I just watched a video of a Haliburton exec interview and he touched on re-fracs but did not seem to give it any emphasis.  He seemed to indicate it was usefully only in limited circumstances.  He may have been referring only to the Permian Basin but that was unclear.

Skip,this well came in on 6-12-11@9841 mcfd on 22/64 choke and refraced and on 12-13-17 recompleted @ 4587 mcfd with 22/64 choke what would your thoughts be....Thanks,Ken

Any one reading this have and opinion?


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