Allocation Wells,

Exco has drilled several allocation wells in San Augustine and Shelby county this year.

Any one know how division orders may be done on these wells?

Thanks, Kelly

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XTO and Exco are the only operators I expect to see drilling Shelby for Haynesville and neither are in a great hurry. BP could show up but I don't expect them to anytime soon. The nearer you are to the county line... the better your odds but I don't expect to see a lot of drilling in the next couple of years.

Division Orders 40530553  RED RIVER 164-PHILLIPS ALLOC

DOs came in mail Saturday 07-18-2015.

As drilled 7055' total - Red River 164 5320' 75.408%, Phillips 1735' 24.592%.

Proposed lateral was 8565'


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