I am a landowner in Phelps lease.  The lease has experienced good production but also a fairly steep drop-off from initial production numbers in March,  2013.  Then, December saw a 30% increase (approx.) in production over the previous month.  I noticed the Alexander lease had the same pattern for the same period of time.  Both are EOG wells. 


My question is ...how much control does the producer have over the amount produced each month?

I am familiar with the choke and its effect.  Is the choke adjusted during the course of the well's life, or just at the beginning? Do companies adjust production to react to market prices? Do companies try to reach a level, optimum production level to maximize return on the well?  Do companies have methods other than choke to control the amount produced each month or is it hit or miss each month?  What would cause a steady decline to be followed by one month of large increase?

I know, a lot of questions, but hopefully they are all related.

Thanks in advance,


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What I'm seeing is that you had an abnormally large decline in Nov. and then an increase in Dec.

I would wait to see Jan. but it looks to me like the well may have been offline, for some reason, for part of November. Maybe someone with more knowledge will have a better suggestion. Here are the numbers reported:

Mar. 2013     48,338 mcf (partial mo.)

Apr. 2013    457,959 mcf

May 2013    297,096 mcf

Jun. 2013    368,595 mcf

Jul. 2013     336,632 mcf

Aug. 2013    292,362 mcf

Sep. 2013    263,084 mcf

Oct. 2013     245,427 mcf

Nov. 2013    159,701 mcf

Dec. 2013    190,755 mcf

I'd suggest it might have been offline for part of December as well.  Also, thats an excellent well


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