See the attached completion.  Looks like another good well.

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COOL - That condensate $$$ makes ALL the difference!

Thanks ALongview!
Is gravity of 47.6 considered good? Thanks

I have interest in both of these wells. Is the information a little old as it is was sent in 2012?



Mr. Anderson,

Those reports are the 'Initial Potential' (G-1) Report and the 'Gas Well Classification' (G-5) Report which are turned in upon the completion of any new gas well. There won't ever be another of the same report unless there is another completion done in that well. The operator is required, however, to do a 'Well Status' (G-10) Report whenever RRC requests one and there was one done on the Griffin, R GU #2H on 4/16/14. You can view those results by clicking on the well name (link). If a G-10 is required on an annual basis then that data will be updated when the new report is turned in for 2015. The reported production, from IP through January '15, is attached.


Great information and help. Thanks so much!

You're welcome. Glad I could help.


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