Does anyone know if the 24" pipeline that was heading from Shelby Co. towards Jasper that was a few miles west of HWY 96 ever went to construction?  It was staked all the way through San Augustine Co. I know back in Jan. or so.  I was told it was going to construction by around June but haven't heard if it ever did?  Heard it might have moved towards Chireno too?  Maybe it got cancelled or delayed?


Thanks for any info!

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JJ, I had a conversation with a landowner about this pipeline just yesterday.  I don't have any details but it is apparently still on because he is talking with them this week.

Thanks for the info.  I believe it would be part of that 175 million dollor expansion they announced.


Enbridge to Expand Haynesville Shale Infrastructure

Enbridge announced that it plans to invest an additional $175 million to expand its East Texas system. The Partnership has signed long-term agreements with several major natural gas producers on the Texas side of the Haynesville shale to provide gathering, treating and transmission services in Shelby, Sabine, San Augustine and Nacogdoches counties. The projects involve construction of gathering and related market outlet pipelines and related treating facilities in the Texas Haynesville shale.

"We are pleased to announce these new projects for our customers in the Texas Haynesville shale region. Our East Texas system is well positioned with substantial infrastructure and unmatched access to numerous intrastate and interstate connecting pipelines. We envision additional infrastructure development for our customers beyond what we've already committed in this region," said Mark Maki, president of the Partnership's management company. "We consider the Texas Haynesville to be one of the best natural gas plays in North America and expect long-term fundamentals to support development of this resource well into the future. These projects will support continued growth in cash flow and distributions for our unit holders."


I just think they might have rerouted it since some people I know that have stakes on them haven't had anything come through yet?


Thanks again J, always on top of your game.

I appreciate the vote of confidence, JJ.  Did you look at their website to see if they had posted a map of the new expansion?
I'm an Inspector for Enbridge, and what I've been hearing is that they are in the process of buying ROW now. One report I heard was that it might be next Spring before it starts. Not sure if it is being re-routed or not. If I hear anything more, I will post it.
From a June presentation.

Thank y'all.  I've seen the large scale maps but it's hard to really pin down where that is in the county.  No biggie, if your getting crossed you've should have already been contacted once for the survey and might expect another call here for too long if your still online.  Seems like if it's staked you have a pretty good chance you're online since getting those survey crews out there isn't too cheap.  You never know though.


Looks like some pretty big expansion projects.  I like that name Double D/ Clarity, those are some biggin's!  Have a good one and thanks again!

For some reason I was thinking I heard the embridge line was a 36"
I was told by the Enbridge right of way buyer that it was a 24" line.  I am in negotiations with them now in the northern portion of A. Chumley, A-6, San Augustine Co.
SB is it running N/S or E/W? A year ago rate was around 425 p/rod on 50' with 50' temporary north of San augustine in the Quirk survey.
We are in neg. now for the ROW, no mention of size, but are offering $ based on per acre not per rod....based on a 'new' texas law...this sounds good for the Co's and bad for the private way or another, it probably means less $ for us and more for them in their pocket....Question: does anyone have info on this 'new' texas law?  thanks!(we are neg via email at the moment)

If you guys will post something about these offers and the reference to the "new Texas law" in the mineral rights group, you should get an informed answer from Ben Elmore or someone else who is current on any new pipeline laws in the state.


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