For those of you in or near the Goodwin Community in western SA Co. you might find this interesting. I focused on a 5 mile radius from the intersection of FM1277 & FM1196. There are a minimum of 28 wells permitted as of 6/4/11. Ten of the wells have initial production reports filed w/ RRC. There are 4 O&G's active in distinct areas. They are Encana, EOG, Exco, & XTO. The average IP for the 10 wells is 19.2. Not bad for an area that used to get $50 p/acre bonus money for leases just a few years ago.

Eighteen wells have yet to report initial production. We'll learn a lot over the next year about our area. I will continue tracking information as it's released.

I've attached a map that shows where the 4 companies are active at this time. I hope you find this useful.

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Great map! Thanks a lot.  Hope this activity moves on up 147 toward SA.
Thanks, Martha. We own property on FM705 between Hwy 147 & Hwy 103, also. I plan on mapping that area as well.
Thanks farmbrad.  I would be interested in that area.  I noticed you are mapping a 5 mile radius.  Someone told me one time that if a good well is hit the area within a 5 mile radius of that well would probably be a good area. 
I stupidly deleted the original map from the discussion thinking I could update at the same location. WRONG!!! The updated map is further down the in replies.
FB, as the "owner" of this discussion, you should be able to "Edit Discussion" under the "Options" tab and add your map back to the initial post.
Once again, your wealth of knowledge has saved the day Thanks!
Thanks for the map.  I own 50% interest in 95 acres that I leased a year ago in Dec so I still have some time on a 5 year lease.  If you look at the well plat for the A-47 2H my minerals is the 3rd plot from the northwest corner of the unit. So I am real close to all the activity.  Do you have any idea of when we may be included in a unit, which I assume would be the next unit west of the A-47 unit. I notice that your lease will expire in Oct of 2011, so they need to do something pretty soon.


It sounds as though they just missed including you in the A47 2H. There's really no way to know when or if you'll get a well. We are fortunate to have as many wells permitted near us as we do. It's a great indicator that our land is valuable to the O&G's. If wells keep coming in as they have all around us, I feel eventually we will get drilled. I was pleasantly surprised at the grouping of the 4 different O&G's so close to us. Encana seems committed to Blackstone. Perhaps one of the others will move over to us when leases expire if Encana has lost interest. I have been seeing positive predictions on natural gas futures with demand projected to increase by as much as 50%. The company I work for is investing one billion dollars over the next five years along the Gulf Coast because of the shale gas in Texas. As one analyst put it, the Golden Age of natural gas is just around the corner!

glad to see that i think i am in your 5 mile radius.  my minerals lie just north east of Encana's Black Stone Unit A-43 #2H and they hold my lease.  I have had several companies wanting to buy my mineral rights but i haven't decided


Thanks for the map Farmbrad!



I have a question for you about this map...  explain to me how to find the rigs and what are the lines and circles.

If you don't mind.  My land appears to be just east of a rig or something there you show on fm 1277.

where it does show your land to the west of this thing.  I found my land on this map east on fm 1277 where there are 2 little nice curves in the road.    still trying to figure things out.. thanks :-)

The 5 sided circles (pentagons) are where the pad is built. They set the drilling rig up there and penetrate the ground. The straight line represents the direction & length of the lateral underground. The small circle is the bottom hole or where the lateral ends (deepest point). On the GIS map viewer at RRC website you can zoom in on our area  by selecting San Augustine County from the dropdown list. Then select "Identify Wells" in the Tool Selection. Move your cursor exactly over the small circle & double-click. A box will appear that has a link to the W-1 query where the permit resides. Click on the "plat" at the bottom of the permit & you get well information along with who's included in the unit. I'm going by memory so I may have missed something but play around with it & you'll catch on. p.s. I'll check out the movie you recommended on the BS A-43 post. Glad you're having fun with us on GHS


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