Has anyone received division orders for Phelps Unit (EOG)?

Does anyone have any production information concerning Phelps? 


Thanks for any information!

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FYI: per EOG division orders for the Phelps Unit the following landowners have not been reached and should contact EOG:

William Paul Whitton
Kerry King Whitton
Lisa Diane Whiteside
Carol McKinley Whiteside
Wesley Holt
Mary Kay Squyres Moss

Finally got Royalty payments on Phelps and Chinaberry.... nothing from Alexander yet... anyone getting anything on Alexander yet?

Bill - My family has royalty interest in the Alexander Unit. My mother received a document a month ago requesting SS# and signature from EOG. Can only assume that was the D.O. since I didn't see it. No check yet.  I guess EOG has had difficulty contacting and settling with all the parties involved.

Speaking of the Chinaberry.  I have been able to get production reports up until this month.  Have been using Pending, District 6, 740653.  This month I got this message. 

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Any ideas??

The data has been migrated to the Lease ID #270453.


Could someone help me out with information...I am trying to find out more about the McSwain well which is adjacent to the Phelps well.  I am having trouble locating a lease id and any production numbers.

It looks like there was some sort of snag in the drilling permit process, but I'm not sure what happened. 


Thanks in advance,


As I recall from looking at RRC site several months ago they withdrew the drilling permit application for McSwain shortly after filing the initial app

If you are referring to the James Lime well EOG permitted, it was approved back in November. It does have a 'no-perf' zone in the lateral and they applied for an exception to SWR rule 37 so they could have the NPZ removed. That application was rejected so the NPZ is still in place. The well has not been drilled.


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