What's up with Sun Devils DU in southern Shelby and northern San Augustine counties? Normal Haynesville shale decline for first 4 years down to 23 m cu ft in July 2014. Then 356 m cu ft in August 2014. Was this well re fraced?

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The unit straddles the county line but the surface locations are in Shelby County so that makes them have a Shelby Co. API #. I have an XTO Well Status discussion in that group where you can find out what is going on but I will tell you anyhow. Sun Devils DU just had one well completed until July when the Sun Devils DU #B 1 SL was completed. That's why you have a jump in production.

The second well is a stacked lateral with the first well and they are reported together as one well. They have separate surface holes, a few feet apart, and the well bores follow the same path but have a different vertical depth so that they share the same assigned acreage in the unit for proration purposes.

Thanks for the explanation. How often does the stacked lateral show up on production with  the original well?

They are reported together once each month. If you get a royalty check from them they may break out production from each well on your pay statement.

Thanks. No interest in this unit. Just wishful thanking on the refract.


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